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Yesterday was quite major. It was the day I have been blogging here as Lobster and Swan for ten years, yes – a whole decade! So, this post is a collection of some of my highlights. A patchwork of photographs from the past 10 years. It’s also a huge thank you to all of you who have visited and taken the time to spend a few minutes or hours with me over the years. Plus – cheering me on to start my biggest dream ever. The opening of my own Sustainable Lifestyle store. Thank you so much, it really does mean the world to me. Jeska xIt’s crazy how things evolve over the years! Since that Friday in March 2007 – I have moved out of our town centre apartment into a village on the coast.Garden shed makeoverBuilt, decorated and filled two sheds.Wrapped many things and used a lot of pink! Collaged, painted, stitched and glued. Filled hundreds of matchboxes with all manner of vintage treasures. The prettiest urban gardenMet amazing people and fallen deeply in love with plants and all things green.Moved my desk in an out of every room we’ve ever owned. Raised two naughty rescue cats from kittens and these two really do make my heart burst every day with their presence. Created about a million mood boards. Then Pinterest came along and I cut my magazine consumption down to under a quarter! Spring living room updateShot photos for lots of lovely small businesses and bigger brands.Wandered the streets of Paris, Morocco, Lyon, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, LA, New York, Sweden, Munich and more.Stalked local folks’ window boxes and collected wind fallen blooms.Collaged every day on and off for a few years over here – Record The Day.Grown and killed many plants – proudly I can say 99% of them survive now! visited my favourite gardens and historical houses.Hung a multitude of garlands, handmade, hand stitched, machine stitched and pegged.Walked past and shot photos of this San Francisco house on two different vacations!And obsessed over the colour joy of this grey house with this stunning matching tree outside.Painted walls white over and over and banged many nails into them to decorate.Rustic garden retreatRaided skips to clad the Tea Shed!Had my own Etsy store. Collected tens of wallpaper samples and still – no difinitive decision has ever been made.Sewn many tiny things until my fingers bled. Never quite let go of my Liberty fabric collection. Been bequeathed a stunning collection of lace. Painted walls grey and then back to white again.Discovered and eaten fairy bread (above). In fact, I may need to make some of this now!Ethical Autumn bedroom updateHad many bedroom makeovers and always go back to plain. But it’s fun to try things!Tried and tested every bakery I have ever had the pleasure of walking past. I think it may be becoming a problem.  Had fun noticing my tastes evolve. From really girly florals to rustic and natural.Collected vintage memories together and collaborated with other lovely bloggers on creative projects.Let my herbs go to seed and used them as pot plants. picked up a serious tea drinking habit – now a daily ritual.Got married to this one. Still hate having my picture taken. Cut all my hair off and grown it back. Just look at us! Now we both have buns, ha! :)Plants in the home officeGambled it all and started a business with my one and only.Cactus and succulent photo diary 2016 Lobster and SwanVisited some of the most amazing plant nurseries in the country.Obsessed a little bit more about how my bedside table should look and cleaned up my beauty regime to be completely cruelty-free, wahoo!Sold our TV, listened to records, read more books and burned incense to calm down before, during and after hectic days.And still, after all these years think this image of a blossom sprig and shells is one of my favourites ever. Thanks for indulging me. Have a magical weekend xxx

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