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bedroom lightFor me, my senses turned up tenfold when we moved out of the town centre and in to the nature filled village where we live in now – and they have become even more heightened since we sold the TV! Now I love to enjoy a good movie as much as the next person and have quite an unhealthy addiction to House of Cards, but since the television left the home – no more fast food adverts and no more dumbing down with awful soaps and realty TV. Which used to creep in when we had the telly on in the ‘background’. It has made way for many a Eureka moment, heightened awareness of all that happens around us and more time for creativity. So here are my 5 tips on how we can live with our senses turned up.woodland photo shootTurn outdoorsy – Being a cat person, it’s in my nature to nest down and get cosy, so once spring arrives I have to behave like a dog owner and get outdoors – walk my imaginary dog (or myself). So I stretch out my desk shaped legs, meet a friend or lone wolf it and head out to the local woods and nature reserves and take in the sights, scents and sounds. Around here that means cut grass, moss, leaves, birds, birds and more amazing singing little birds.

Turn Childlike – Lets be honest, it’s easy to get stuck in our own ways as we grow up, and just accept this is the way things are going to be. But why? Remember when you were small and had so many questions to be answered. Find time to be curious. Find things out, get out and meet people, find out what they do, seek out new ideas, build things and make crazy plans. Some things won’t work but others will and that in turn brings even more joy. You never know what might happen, what you might learn or discover?!frida kahloTurn Creative – Being creative is what I consider the greatest gift bestowed to me, I am never bored (no time for that). Making anything from a batch of pancakes to hand written letter to a friend can add real substance (and fun) to your existence. If you are not the type to cover the house in glitter, paint or glue, how about dressing more adventurously? I am guilty of seeking comfort in my slouchy grey jumper and comfy jeans, but add a favourite necklace and some crazy nail varnish and the day is already looking up. All of these little details soon start an avalanche of creativity and in turn a feeling of aliveness and more enjoyment in the everyday.Gratitude Chalkboard Turn Grateful – Do you sometimes find yourself moaning more often than not, about everything big or small? Life can at times get annoying but if you take the time to stop and really think more deeply about it, life is magic and should be appreciated accordingly. The washing machine may have broken down but in the grand scheme of things, surely there are lots of positive things happening in your day to focus on? Try to notice and find small things to be grateful about every day, then they become big and the bad becomes small.Turn your senses up smileTurn toothy – It’s such an easy thing – Smile and people will smile back, a small and subtle interaction that makes us and the people around us feel good. Then you’ll want to smile some more, a lovely habit to adopt, yes?! A smile from a stranger can even make the toughest days a little more hopeful.

This post is a collaboration with Twinings and their Drink It All In campaign, which all started with an advert that looks like it was a ball to make, (see how they did it here) and ends with you joining in with us and sharing your inspiring tips and photos over on Facebook.

I hope these tips might encourage you to take joy in the small things you do or see, that make for a nicer day every day. Have a wonderful week – maybe I’ll see you over on FB with the #DrinkItAllIn gang! x

Tip image credits -second from top left and right, Frida Khalo, Word Art by Karen, bottom left and right.

  • Wonderful post, very inspiring. Happy Monday to you!

    • thank you Natasha, tips I have to remind myself to do often :)

  • Oh, Jeska! This was so wonderful to read – thank you.

    • Thanks so much Kate, you and Natasha stopping by to say hello has made my day!

  • Decor-Art

    Beautifully written and very inspiring. I promise to smile more :) Enjoy your long walks (and maybe get a dog? They tend to turn your life upside down, not in a bad way though – although I wouldn’t be saying this at 7 am in the morning when I get a thousand dog kisses… Would the cats vote against this idea?). Kristina

    • Thank you Kristina, I think the cats might take offence, they definitely do not like the neighbours dog when he breaks through the fence! ;) xx

  • Really lovely post, Jeska. I’ve stopped watching T.V. in bed and starting journaling instead which is such a better note to end the day on. It’s also helped my sleep. I am also making more effort to get outside and stretch my ‘desk shaped legs’ too!! x

    • sounds like a lovely Idea Hollie! I keep meaning to start up my scrap book journal again but it is quite a messy past time! :) x