I know I go on about a simple rustic interior, that is really what I dream of, but all around me, silk flowers bloom, cakes are baked and pretty things just happen. Maybe we need two houses side by side one for each taste and then we can dip in and out of each home as we please. Lottery winnings are definitely required for this latest extravagance.

  • http://waysideviolet.com/ Jessica

    this is so happy looking! I read once that seeing the color pink generates the same reaction in the brain that sunlight does. very cheery photos!

  • http://juliasbookbag.com Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    I love this so much! The pink doughnut! The little purse! I want it all! Happy wkend Miss Jeska :)

  • http://classicgirlmodernworld.blogspot.com Patrice

    Jeska, I’ve been a fan of Lobster & Swan for some time, but haven’t really left that many comments. Sorry!

    I feel the same way about design aesthetics. I love rustic details, but can’t seem to shake the ultra-feminine. Maybe we should just take after Sandra Foster: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2010/06/23/garden/20100624-chic-slideshow.html

    • Jeska

      Hi Patrice! yes! I love this cabin, I fell in love when I saw it in the Rachel Ashwell book x Thanks for this link I haven’t seen all these pictures. I would like to make a miniature dolls house version!

  • http://www.foundandsewn.blogspot.com found and sewn

    love all these images, your house is beautiful…I’m sure your husband loves it too!

  • http://www.secretsofabutterfly.typepad.com Kat

    Ah the fine balance of keeping things “not too pretty” I know the dilema well!
    Kat x

  • http://www.kostbaremomenten.nl/blog/blog Pauline

    This pink and all these pretty things are probably so much you, more than the simple and rustic interior. But i know it can be a dilemma.

  • http://www.witenbont.blogspot.com Heidi


    Looooove your pictures and it makes me smile :-)
    My home and me… it’s the same thing, all girl stuff and I think so often ‘mmm…less is more, isn’t it?’ No, it’s not…I think ;-)

    Happy Weekend!

  • http://marianabigail.blogspot.com Mariana

    Love all the colours! Definitely looks like an inspiring place :)

  • http://Www.vividplease.me Vivid

    Argh! It’s just TOO pretty! We love it :D

  • http://www.thebedlamofbeefy.com Uncle Beefy

    Jeska, I completely understand the sentiments here. I could absolutely have more than one house to appease my various moods and tastes. Lottery winnings indeed!

    Love these images! Boy or not, I’m a sucker for pink! :)

  • http://www.thestartupwife.co.uk Emily Quinton

    I just love these images and the beautiful styling. It is no wonder so many pretty things happen in this space! x

  • http://www.sarahhardaker.co.uk sarah

    d’you know i think i need 2 houses too………. i would love to live in a tidy white space, with painted floors, but have too big a fixation with colour and collecting treasures………

  • http://gettingitswoonworthy.blogspot.com Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    I’m just catching up on your lovely blog – Oh how have I missed so many posts?! Your matchboxes are AMAZING, your talents are staggering my dear!

    Oooh yes the feminine/masculine dilemma – I know it as well! I do have a bloke in my home who keeps me in check but there are flowers and sparkles in every room. Two houses would be perfect – one for rustic, industrial chic, one for feminine glamour… yes a lottery win should definitely do the trick! :)


  • Jeska

    Glad you are enjoying the matchboxes! They have taken over my life, and also happy to see I am not the only one who needs two houses! x

  • Jisu

    sweeet! wanna live there :)