Bedroom MakeoverA long time in the making and oh so close to being finished – the bedroom – although in our home nothing is ever really ‘done’ as I am constantly moving things around, adding and taking away. The challenge over the last couple of months has been our hunt for perfect bedside tables.Bedroom MakeoverIt took us an age to find our bed and even longer to settle on nightstands. But I am super pleased that we decided on these Cornell chairs from Made. They blend in to our mix of salvaged, new and antique furniture, with their lovely mid century style and beautiful walnut finish. Large flat seats mean they are perfect for us to use as tables and when we need some extra seating there will always be two extras around.Bedroom MakeoverHers and his. Twinkle for me and spiky for him. That poor plant has already suffered at the hands of the cats, much to my horror Marlo has left a few tell tale claw holes and there is half a leaf missing!Bedroom MakeoverThe seat top is ample enough to store my Anglepoise lamp, oversized morning reading choices, a vase and this sweet little junk shop bowl that I keep my necklaces in while I sleep. The husband has room for his lamp, stacks of books, sketch book, ipad and plenty more on his side too.Bedroom MakeoverI am really pleased with our room, it is very tranquil, relaxed and uncluttered, being quite a modest size we have decided to have as little furniture as possible and keep all our clothes etc in a dressing room next door. If you are stopping by tomorrow you can meet the new addition to our home (you can just spy his tail here)!

  • http://somewhereyonder.blogspot.co.uk/ Claire (@Kurea_San)

    I really like your taste in decorating – your room looks super tranquil and mellow. And love the Paris necklace!
    Claire xx
    somewhere… beyond the sea

    • Jeska

      Thank you Claire, a little gift from my sister x

  • http://www.waysideviolet.com Jessica

    this is lovely! i’ve always struggled with finding the right bedside table. I like your solution!

    • Jeska

      Thanks Jessica, when I saw these chairs, I knew they had to fit in our life somewhere!

  • http://ghetran.com Alina

    Love it! So serene! I tried with chairs, too, but mine took too much space. Besides we have the dog and his crate in the bedroom and much too much clothes ending on the floor at the end of the day..

    • Jeska

      Yep I hear that Alina, the husband built me a walk in wardrobe so I don’t let the clothes pile up, it used to drive him mad in our last home!

  • lynn

    Really lovely and your style shines through beautifully
    Lynn xxx

    • Jeska

      Thank you Lynn – just a few less frills than before, our rooms are so much smaller here but keeping it simple is turning out to be fun x

  • http://candypop.uk.com Candy Pop

    It’s just gorgeous, so simple and so stylish. I remember seeing your mood boards for your new home – I bet it’s great to see it all taking shape.

    • Jeska

      Thanks Natasha, it is so fun, I love the final days of decorating, but next there is another grubby floor that needs lifting and insulating underneath, and a ceiling that needs stripping – roll on painting day! x