The husband is off riding around in the peeing rain this morning, but I guess all we can do is embrace it or be hermits for June?

Images from my week including healthy breakfasts, (better than hula hoops, last week) the view from under my new umbrella, yes I have given in, and will probably invest in a waterproof poncho if this carries on, me dressed for Summer in hat -boots -scarf, getting dizzy over 1920’s gift wrap at Butlers, Marlo trying to get in the loft hatch.

See you Monday, I hope the Sunday sky cheers up?!

  • http://etre-soi.blogspot.com sofia

    here too it has been a week of rain, but today the sun has shined a bit this morning, let’s see if it will stay this way.
    Marlo is such a cute curious cat :)
    wish you a good weekend, I’m off to work at the museum it’s going to be a very long and hard weekend :-(

    • Jeska

      I know dreary huh? There is one shaft of sunlight and I need to run to the bank! xx Don’t work too hard, try and sneak away for a soothing cup of tea x

  • http://www.thishomesweethome.blogspot.com samantha

    We too, have had rain all week, and high winds, trying to do a summer bbq this afternoon, its more like Autumn.

  • http://frilliesforfillies.blogspot.com/ kate

    Wowza tell me about it, off to Glastonbury tomorrow evening. I’ve been told its already muddy. Thank god for Hunters and sequins!

    • Jeska

      Have fun Kate, wellies and a cute plastic poncho with a waist belt should see you right x