Bedroom PlantsI hope you liked Tuesdays book? Today I return with a little bedroom update. Happy with our plain and crumpled linen bedding, it wasn’t until I slipped in between the luxurious layers of cotton sateen that I realised that sleep could be even better. The nice peeps at Christy asked me to try out one of the lovely bedding sets from their new collection and thinking our plain room could do with an injection of pattern, I happily agreed.Bedroom MakeoverThis is to remain a more masculine space so I let the husband decide (I’m nice like that) and he loved all the greys and the painterly pattern on this ‘Watercolour‘ design, so we went for that mixed with some plain dye pillow cases and textured covers for our square pillows. When it all arrived I started building the layers of what I call a magazine bed. Bedroom MakeoverHaving such nice covers makes me want to keep the bed tidy – yes I am one of those people who can walk away from an unmade bed without a second thought, life’s too short no? – But the neat freak of our house will greatly appreciate the news that I am inspired to keep the bed looking all swish and interior magazine like, with this new set.Tabby CatI think he really chose this design because it matched our Wallis cat, what do you think? It does work well at camouflaging the kitty fur, so that is an unexpected bonus! I love the splashes of ochre yellow and it is so super soft I am now lingering longer than I should in the mornings.Plants for a bedroomThe different greys, black, white and yellow are picked out in the other pieces of furniture, artwork and plants around our bedroom. We are so happy and tranquil in this space, I was unsure of adding a pattern and as I said we usually stay safe sticking to plain linens. Spring has been so inspiring this year that staying safe is out of the window, I feel more inspired than I have for years and am going to try as many new things as I can! xBedroom MakeoverBedroom Makeover

  • http://sea-angels.blogspot.uk lynn

    I really love it and you have presented it beautifully, I would love to match my version with a yellow ochre set or grey contrasting pillowcase and sheet and go for the full whammy ha ha xxxx

    • Jeska

      Ochre would be lovely, Lynn! x

  • http://www.foundandsewn.blogspot.co.uk found and sewn

    Your bedroom looks lovely! I’m looking for some new bed linen and I love this print. Enjoy your weekend x

  • http://melissalovesshop.bigcartel.com Melissa de la Fuente

    It looks absolutely gorgeous, Jeska. Love the warmth, serenity and richness of it all. :)

    • Jeska

      Thank you Melissa, we a so pleased with the space, and it is really nice to have a separate dressing room to keep clothes and things out of a serene space! x

  • http://candypop.uk.com Candy Pop

    I adore your new room! I used to work for Christy, they produce some beautiful things!

    • Jeska

      Thank you, it’s so so soft Natasha, we love it and don’t want to take it off!

  • http://sophielouiseanne.blogspot.com Sophie

    Your bedroom is lovely! I’m looking for some houseplants of my own! Would you recommend any of yours in particular? Have a lovely Sunday xx

    • Jeska

      I am a total sucker for alpines and succulents Sophie, some are supposed to live outside but never made it in to the garden as we loved them so much indoors, the succulents are really easy to care for, and I love house ferns too.

  • http://www.bridgman.co.uk/blog/ Alicia

    Really like the shelf with all the plants, especially the succulents! They are cute little plants and they’re so easy to take care of! Love the design of the linen too! xx

  • http://tips.scoperks.com Scoperks

    Prints always seem like a scary area to delve into; they seem so easy to get wrong! Your room looks gorgeous, and the plants really suit it. Incredibly jealous :)