MarloHello, how was your weekend?! I am so happy to be Back in our little house today, safely tucked up with this indignant face above, after a super fun weekend meeting lots of nice people and dancing with the Sailor Jerry UK gang, in mud and sunshine at Kendal Calling. I am welcomed home with a rainy blustery storm raging outside, so it’s nice to have no place to go, I’m lovely and cosy in here with my grumpy little Marlo cat (wallis has snubbed us both and is sleeping on top of the shelves)!The GardenTabby CatA picture of our beautiful roses, before they are all blown away today, that snoozing Wallis cat and a snap of me untangling some Wild Sweet Peas which are climbing up everything in our garden. Our Hydrangeas are almost in full bloom, and the rain is helping after all that gorgeous sunshine last week. But it’s back to the broom now for me, as I am sweeping the place before our new front door gets fitted tomorrow! I’ll be back in the morning with some fun lighting inspiration, hope to see you then xWild Sweet Peas

  • Louisa

    Very lovely. Your cheeky feline friends are sweet looking. I have one of my own. She’s a bit of a pain, and not very cuddly, but she’s amusingly quirky, I suppose. Greetings from New England, or more specifically: Maine!

    • Jeska

      Hello Louisa! I have always wanted to go to Maine!

  • fenn

    your cats are both adorable! and I love your shelves, are they reclaimed or something? they’re beautiful!


    • Jeska

      Thanks Fenn, they are salvaged scaffold boards and made by a local wood recycling company x