This morning was beautiful, when we went to collect our christmas tree, an icy fog had settled on the branches of the trees and left a glistening cloak over our world, but I forgot my camera (AGAIN!) Thus todays pictures come from other sources. . . .

As you know I am magazine addicted, and with all the great online publications available as well as paper ones, it is a wonder I get anything done at all. The pages that are keeping me from my chores this week are the ‘handmade’ issue of Dujour Magazine, full of sugar sweet photography and ideas for a blissful home life, plus I am super excited that this issue has a feature about me! follow the link to see what the Dujour girls are up to and take a sneak peak or subscribe to see the full article
I am also hooked on the collections of pretty objects in the new issue of Neet Magazine and still carefully studying all the recipes in the holiday edition of Sweet Paul Magazine, perfect in between meal snacks and the almond lollipops are as good as eaten when I have a spare minute!
Lastly Parasol Magazine, a few carefully chosen pages dedicated to promoting design, art, creative lifestyles and small businesses. Happy reading.

  • pam in oregon

    I just love the poetic way that you write! Your blo is always an inspiration to me. Love that you will have more time to blog now.

  • lynn

    Thank you for those lovely magazine links…why don’t you do a magazine?
    you could make it fabulous go on ….please…..
    Lynn x

  • sweet paul

    Hi Jeska
    Love how your blog looks now, really beautiful.
    Well done.
    Happy Holidays

  • sofia

    sometimes I wish these online magazines were in paper :)
    Here it’s snowing a lot since yesterday, it’s beautiful but it’s crazy !!!

  • Summer

    I love your new blog! I got so inspired at 2 am sick with the flu last night I decided to try to figure out the html that you used for yours. I ended up just buying a new website and sticking to good ol’ blogspot.

    I would love to chit chat sometime with you :) email me sometime!

    xoxo Summer