inside out Geraldton-European-Home Geraldton European home. Jo Cockerill calls it her memory house. “It’s a traveller’s home, really — there’s not one design theme. I’ve just been pigheaded about it and made things fit in. Most of them have been collected on trips; it’s a bit of a memory wander when you go through the house and think about how you wheeled and dealed for things in different and strange parts of the world.” I love the soft colours used here with dark antique furniture and the mixture of things from different places.
inside out st_Kilda_apartment_renovation St Kilda apartment renovation. Louise and Julian Thomson created a St Kilda apartment filed with unique textures and well though out spaces, the modern furniture and simple tones make this look like a tranquil and relaxing place to live indeed.
inside out victorian-seaside-cottage Victorian seaside cottage, owned by Deb Kavaliunas and built in 1836 for a blacksmith, hidden away down a quiet side street in Queenscliff, on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula. “I was born a collector and simply can’t remember a time when I didn’t gather things that caught my eye, the most special things are the ones that carry the weight of common history, everyday lives of everyday folk. Unfortunately, they’re highly covetable now, so they’re harder to find.” A treasure trove filed with many curious things.

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