Boden Autumn Tops

Lately I have been looking around for Autumn layers and top of my wish list are these, my super 8 from Boden. Getting brave and throwing a few colours in there, as upon opening my wardrobe this morning I was overwhelmed by all the greys. Just in case all that colour gets too much though, I have added a few up to date greys as a safety net. (Well if it ain’t broke?).

I loved the Soho Blouse so much and couldn’t choose just one, three colours nearly made it into my final cut. Already in my closet are about twenty cardigans, so just two more here. They are my all time favourite garment, buttoned up, unbuttoned, belted, thrown over a vest, camisole, T-Shirt, blouse, but I  feel I should commit to some sweaters this Autumn.

1&6 Soho Shirt, 2 Pretty Crew Neck Cardigan, 3 Slouchy Merino Jumper, 4 Alpaca Wrap, 5 Sixties Jumper, 7 Ravello Top, 8 Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper.

All images Boden.

  • Kat

    Some lovelies there, I do sometimes find the colours at boden a bit primary, but these look much nicer. I have vowed to not buy another thing in grey!! I have way too much and it’s started to have a depressing affect. I need more colour. Ventured into some wine coloured sweatpants from Jack Wills, instead of the usual grey and they feel so much better! With you on the cardi front. Though I’ve gathered one or two jumpers from topshop and find they are really nice. They are looser and not so constricting as some jumpers can be. I recommend. :)
    Kat x

  • Becky |

    These are all gorgeous, I’m loving Boden this season!