grey shirt dressHow’s your wardrobe holding up this autumn?! I have been trying to be good, ‘less is more’ is a way of life for us, the home de-cluttering is well underway, but over the last few years I have been very good with keeping my wardrobe under control. It’s not exactly a capsule wardrobe yet, but not far off. If you are honest I bet (like me) you only wear about 30 % of the clothes you own? I have my favourites – everything grey gets worn into moth-eaten oblivion and my favourite pair of jeans are so threadbare they are indecent, the shirtdress above has been adopted to conceal their unladylike ways – (they are basically denim chaps now). But enough about those, here are some of my autumn wardrobe essentials.Autumn wardrobe layersThis autumn, I have added a pair of clogs that I am head over heels about, some more greys, including this scarf above, which I haven’t taken it off since I bought it. If you live anywhere near Hastings Old Town I suggest you head straight to my lovely friend Rose’s shop Butlers Emporium and grab one – huge, warm, fair trade, amazing. The other things I seem to be stockpiling are mostly from Hush – their comfy layers are very ‘mix and match-able’ and I find their colours are right up my street. grey shirt dressI have been buying wardrobe staples from them for the last couple of years including the perfect tank, a super soft rushed skirt in powder blue, a pair of slouchy joggers and oversized cardigan – which were actually from the men’s range when they still had one. I’d just like to add – I do not leave the perimeter of our house/garden whilst wearing these last two items – they are strictly for snuggling only.

From their latest collection, I added a classic grey cashmere jumper, the shirtdress from before and the Nina Cardi which I am already very attached to, it’s called brown sugar, how could I not? I am also musing over these two dresses, leaning toward the berry coloured one – can’t decide, help! I am not embarrassed to admit that I am a professional sloucher and comfort seeker in clothes these days, I LOVE oversized knitwear – it’s my best, but I do need to stop my lazy legging wearing ways and find some new jeans, I am emotionally scarred since my favourite pair perished.Penhaligons perfume Blasted BloomThe final layer to my everyday look lately has been a good splash of Blasted Bloom from Penhaligons. This crisp coastal scent is so refreshing, just what I need to keep me energised while the leaves are falling. I asked Penhaligon’s for a tester to see what the men’s version of this perfume (Blasted Heath) was like too and have been dousing the husband with it daily. Infused with the aromatic clary sage it is absolutely beautiful, and I think I might like it even more that then Ladies one?! It was the name of the men’s fragrance that sucked me in me – I imagine that our troubled hero in Wuthering Heights may waft of this fresh outdoorsy masculine scent out in the wilds. When all the trees are bare and it is hat time, I will move on to warming spiced and exotic perfumes for winter and pick these up again in the spring.Autumn wardrobe layersWhat is your favourite autumn winter perfume, and wardrobe colour palette, are you a ‘greige’ fan like me?! If so check out my wardrobe inspiration board over on Pinterest for more cosy seasonal looks. Happy capsule Tuesday! x

  • I’m definitely a greige fan!! That cashmere jumper looks lush and I can almost smell that delicious Penhaligon scent with your beautiful styling and words. I want it all! x

    • Yay! Where are your favourite greige autumn layers from Cate?

      I have a habit of wearing my cashmere until it is threadbare (like my jeans) haha! but it’s so soft! The perfume is so fresh, just what I was looking for this autumn x

  • Oh my, such a lovely collection. I think I might need the Nina cardi in my life (and currently tossing up between the flannel nightshirt and regular shirt). Beautiful images and styling, Jeska xx

    • The cardi comes in grey too! I had to slap my hands away from the keyboard and empty my shopping basket! So soft! xxx I wear the nightshirt as day wear! ;)

  • Given the stress and panic we were both thrown into trying to pull together a wardrobe for Munich, I think you know how spot on this post is for me! I love my greys, blacks, whites…and I’m layering up all the cardies and jumpers indoors right now (won’t go out dressed like a bag lady though)…That shirt is just…heaven. xx

    • So soft and the perfect shade of soft grey, it is very you! Try the smallest size if you do buy – as it’s roomy! I should have packed sun dresses for Munich it was so hot! :) xxx

    • I can’t stand it any longer, the berry dress is coming home to roost! :)

  • Julia’s Bookbag

    Berry berry berry! I’ve been wearing, nearly everyday, the same berry cardigan I got from Madewell. At this point in my life, I think I’ve given up on fashion (not that I was ever into it, ha) and I just want to be all cozy, all the time.

    • That sounds just like me, I own way too many cardigans – love them! :)

  • Shades of grey ahhhh my ultimate favourite, thank you for introducing a lovely brand I hadn’t heard of and your clogs are amazing I’ve been looking for the ‘perfect’ pair of clogs I want them to be flat and comfy, yours look like the type that will go with any out fit! Capsule wardrobe perfect! Xx

    • The clogs do take some wearing in, but they are so great! I love how they look and GREY everything is the way forward lol x ;)