Hey, how are you? I’m missing the pretty little shops and quieter streets of Hastings now, seven days of the tube and eating food from cartons is taking it’s toll, even my eye bags have bags! So you can tell I am feeling beautiful ha! My half day today at Sailor Jerry Uk’s Hotel Street shop on Charring Cross road. So I am recovering from the first week of the shop opening and a weekend bout of Tonsillitis combined with whooping at my amazing husband as the in-laws and I tracked him around London to cheer him on in the London Marathon. Thanks for all your twitter and Instagram wishes, My super fit boy came in at 3 hours 56 and in the top third! I am so proud of him.

Yesterday we had a holiday day together and spent it wandering the exhibits at the Natural History museum, trying to be tough and keep in the tears whilst reading and learning about the finer details of Captain Scott’s last expedition, taking in the stunning gem stones in ‘The Vault’ and comparing the skulls of early man. Great fun as I last visited with my primary school aged 9!

I hope to be back home on Monday with a post, and have time to read all the blogs I adore, not even watched any TV since we arrived a week ago and the wifi at the apartment is rubbish, so I am hiding up stairs at Hotel St and posting before I return, should I do a little shopping on my way home I wonder? Liberty and Regent street are basically on my way home! I soon realised how much extra danger my finances would be in when we took that first cab ride home last Tuesday and the route was one of my favourites leading straight from Soho to Savile Row.

Oh Dear. wish me luck, I do hope to return with some Instgram goodness very soon xxx

  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    Missing your posts dear Jeska! Excited to see all your new pix!

  • Patrice

    Congrats to your sweetheart-what a wonderful accomplishment! Also, hoping you feel much better; tonsillitis is awful. Can’t wait for all your pictures!

    • Jeska

      thanks os much Patrice, feeling way better but nos my voice is going hehe, quite liking my new gravelly tones :)

  • Kat

    Oh go to Liberty on my behalf! I dare you ;)
    Kat x

    • Jeska

      Hey Kat, I never made it :( but one day soon! and I will post all my treasures for you to see, have you ever been? xxx