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Selina Lake - Garden StyleFor all of you who have a garden patch of your own, are planning to create a garden (big or small, indoors or out), or just craving some joyful inspiration – Selina Lake’s beautiful new book Garden Style is for you. From sheds to greenhouses, cutting patches to growing food, this lovely book has arrived just in time for floral and green-fingered pursuits at every skill level.Planning a flower filled gardenLet it be noted for the record that my obsession with purple kale as an ornamental plant (top photo) started here within these pages and Lena Wallin and her husband Peter have realised my dream greenhouse with veg patch and shingle walkways below.Selina Lake - Garden StyleOver the last couple of weeks, while everything outdoors has been sleeping or covered over with snow, I have been pouring over these pages of Garden Style and getting excited about all our garden plans for 2018. Growing anything and helping it thrive is just the best feeling.Vintage garden styleSelina’s book has lots of tips and ideas illustrated in all the beautiful photography by Rachel Whiting. The seed collection we have gathered here at home is quite frankly out of control – I just can’t stop picking them up wherever I go. I am hoping to grow buckets of sweet peas and let nasturtiums ramble all over the place this summer.Planning a flower filled gardenIn the book the main chapters include, Garden Inspirations, Decorating your garden, Bringing the outside in, Garden Rooms, greenhouses and Sheds, Relaxing Outdoors and Eating outdoors. There are sheds that might make you shriek with pastel window painted joy, outdoor spaces that use ingenious items that most people have laying around and plant related places you’ll want to book flights to visit right away!Planning a flower filled gardenVegetables have been used for beautiful arrangements in glass jars and I especially love edible plants that have been left to go to seed. Popping a few stems in a bottle can make for a joyful scene on a shelf or windowsill. Last year I had an obsession with some bolted asparagus plumes that I spied on a visit to a working orchard and I regularly leave my coriander plants to go wild, they look like miniature cow parsley.Vintage garden styleI cannot get enough of the buildings and structures in this book, so many beautiful ones to study. It is almost time to uncover our Tea Shed, at the moment it is filled with junk from the attic, once our waterlogged lawn is dry enough to walk on – the spring clean will commence!Selina Lake - Garden StyleThis really is such a great book, beautifully styled with buckets of floral delights and a treasure trove of brilliant ideas. It has me way beyond excited for all our garden can be this year and the pages are filled with so much loveliness that I keep going back to read and see more.Vintage garden styleGarden Style by Selina Lake is published by Ryland Peters and Small and is out today! Available to buy from all good bookshops and online – you can see more by following the blog book trail this week with my beautiful blogging folks at – Little Green Shed, 91 Magazine and Selina herself! Happy gardening x Selina Lake Garden Style

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