Lombok Bed CompetitionNow we are all settled in, and my home office plans are under way, we next hope to create a tranquil bedroom space, so we can close the door and hide away from the wallpaper stripping, wall smashing and paint rollers etc. So the first big thing on our shopping list, is a new bed.

Lombok Sumartra Bed Last time we chose an iron bed and this time we are looking to achieve a whole new look, so a wooden frame it is. I have started My search at Lombok and found they have so many different styles. I have always loved the calm feeling of walking into one of their stores. Pawing the beautifully layered bed linens and the lovely room stylings they create. Above is the Sumatra frame, made from lovely reclaimed Indonesian teak floorboards, so no two Sumatra beds ever the same. This bed frame would definitely fit in with the rustic style bedroom ideas we have, and to know no-one would have exactly the same bed would make me happy.

Lombok Canton Bed Dark and moody, the Canton oriental four poster bed is handcrafted from distressed black lacquered solid hardwood with inscribed brass panels. This would be perfect for that dramatic charcoal bedroom I have been hankering after, and I love the simple design of the posts making this bed a brooding modern version of fairytale sleeping quarters.

Lombok Mandara Bed My final favourite is the Mandara bed, made from solid wood and painted with a soft off-white finish. This bed makes quite a statement and would be the start of a more polished look, I am imagining it mixed with a pale grey wall colour and some bright accessories.

While I am researching further, one lucky person can win a Lombok bed, as they are currently running a competition over here with Emerald Street. To enter you need to click through to this page and enter your email address to enter. The prize will be a bed of the winner’s choice, up to the value of £1,300!

This competition os open to UK residents only, and the draw closes on the 17th of June 2013.

All images Lombok.

  • Elane Smith

    would love to win this

  • jeremy Banker

    Would love to win this,looks very comfotable.