Bedroom styling with linenI’m back as promised, with crisp white linen, you can’t beat it right?! Unless you are a lover of crumpled soft linen? Well I adore both, so when this fresh set of Soak & Sleep bed linen arrived, I stripped the bed right off and got out my iron. Back it up, did I just say iron? Yep! This is first time I have ever wielded an iron anywhere near a pillow case. To be perfectly honest I only ever press anything when I am sewing, yes I am the crumpled clothing type and so is the Huz. Bedroom styling with linenOne night in the early years of Dean and I, we stayed at his mum and dad’s pub, and his nan had been by and laundered and ironed all the bedding, now I thought she had lost her mind, who spends the time doing this (and for other people and unpaid)?!Bedroom styling with linenIt was probably the best and most comfortable nights sleep ever. Now, I probably won’t make a habit of it, but ironing out the creases for this beautiful soft linen’s debut on our bed – was well worth the arm work. Now the natural crumple has taken the place of the smooth lines and I’m even happier! I paired classic white with a soft french grey for our big square pillows, to add bit of depth and interest and I love how the soft colours mimic my latest copy of  In Clover. Right, I’m off to hang some laundry out in the sun, read a few pages of that beautiful magazine and then back to work, have a lovely day! xxxBedroom styling with linen

  • katyatapartmentapothecary

    This all looks so tempting and beautiful, as always. I wish I’d ironed mine now! x

    • It only lasts for one night then it’s beautiful crumple city. Save yourself, don’t fall into the ironing trap ;) xx

  • Stephanie Bell

    This looks so lovely. I am also not an ironer! I really think they are better things to spend my time doing, however I do love getting into a crisp bed, so I might just be tempted to get my iron out!

    • Hehe! I don’t know if I’d make a habit of it, but maybe just the pillows in future it makes such a difference! :)