Aveeno Hand CreamI have finally found the best hand cream ever. Aveeno. With Oatmeal extracts it promises to moisturise for up to 24 hours, forming a “protective glove”. Absorbing quickly and leaving skin soft. May I just add this post is not sponsored. I am just so happy to have hands that resemble that of a 35 year old girl and not of someone who is due a letter of congratulation from the Queen, that I thought I would share.

When we started sprucing up the apartment for viewings, packing to leave, making up cardboard boxes and cleaning like mad for days on end, my hands did not take kindly to all the abuse and ended up so chapped they felt raw and flaked like sawdust! So when we popped to the supermarket the other evening I was scouring the shelves for something to heal them. I did think of greasing them with vaseline and sleeping with cotton gloves on but they didn’t have any. Then I spotted this. No fancy label, no modern apothecary style packaging, just the promise of soft hands even after washing, and best luck it was on offer. With hands as rough as a ground worker and a tag line like that, how could I say no? I am pleased to report it is 100% true and my hands have never been softer.

As I am sure most of you are creative in some way, be it baking, crafting, art, gardening or DIY, and this involves much hand washing and drying, resulting in dry hands. I’m normally a sucker for a luxury hand cream which I sometimes buy for myself as a treat, often use twice then lose in one of my handbags. In the past I have favoured Clarins, Kiehls, Tokyo Milk (that packaging!) Although beautifully packaged and scented, most need re-applying throughout the day, now I have found one that only needs one application (which is also good for me as my beauty regime has no structure), some days I even forget my mascara! God bless those oat extracts, I highly recommend.

Do you have a secret beauty bargain to share?

  • Kimberly Hughes

    So funny because I actually have the pump version of Aveeno lotion on my desk as I type AND the smaller version you show in my handbag. I don’t go anywhere without it. It was actually recommended to me by a Pharmacist as I sometimes suffer from eczema on the palm of one of my hands (not both, it’s very odd) and she said that the oatmeal extracts will actually help gently exfoliate the skin and as it’s all natural, won’t exacerbate the condition while providing much needed moisturising. I couldn’t love it more and have to second your recommendation. And I do a lot of DIY! ;) xxx

    • Jeska

      Thats uncanny Kimberley, I also sometimes suffer from eczema on my right palm, I think it’s because it’s my writing hand? Even more reasons to stick with Aveeno! Hooray for soft DIY hands x

  • Debbie

    I have rosacea and very very sensitive skin on my face and Aveeno cream with oatmeal is the only “off the shelf” (i.e. not made specifically for rosacea) moisturiser that I can use on my face. I love it because it makes me feel a bit more normal, being able to go into Boots and buy something, even if its not particularly glam! (and no, I don’t work for Aveeno!).

  • Emma

    I absolutely agree, my hands are always so dry and prone to eczema and this stuff is just brilliant. I believe the oats are the magic ingredient so I bought Neals Yard Calendula and Oat lotion and that’s fab too and smells slightly more fragrant, but more expensive!
    Emma x

  • Emma M

    I’m a sucker for a luxury handcream too and splurged on a new bottle of Clarins yesterday – wish I’d read this first!!

    I’ve tried the Aveeno creamy oil body lotion and really rated it. Agree that a prettier bottle would be nice though!

  • Nana Diana

    Just when I think I have tried every brand on the market and LOVE none of them- I find there is one more. I will check it out- xo Diana

  • Rose

    so up until recently I always had nice hands that seemed very good at keeping wrinkle and chap free but this winter has really tested them! Only yesterday they looked so dry I had to use a tester in a shop at Waterloo station as they actually hurt from dryness! I’ve never really found a hand cream routine I liked, I don’t like the greasy feeling of putting it on at night or find it very attractive- I find it’s best applied while watching tv but I’m still very bad at doing it in a regular way!

    • Jeska

      This one really soaks in with no greasy residue, even the hus loves it! x