Neon Christmas wrap ideasSo this year has completely run away with me, leaving me standing in a cloud of dust wondering what happened. Good, bad, fun, scary, exciting, a ton of things keeping me away from my blogging world. Carrying on with the whirlwind I am leaving for Ireland tomorrow to spend a week with my mum and sisters. So all my plans for new Christmas wrap and DIY ideas, festive baking and more are all on hold until I return. Before I go though I thought it would be nice to share some pictures from the Christmas wrap shoot I put together for Heart Home Magazine last year.

Neon Christmas WrapFor the first idea I made gift wrap using vintage cards and lace, gift tags from recycled card, lace and dried heather, tied on with jute, then neon bright masking tape to add a modern edge to all those angels and lace. To print your own paper you can download the PDF’s here.Handmade Paper Christmas WrapThis look was a twist on traditional colours of red and gold, created using beautiful handmade papers from india, with moroccan tassels, simple string to tie and topped with paper flowers.

Vintage Fabric Christmas WrapFinally my lovely Rose from Butlers wrapped her parcels with vintage fabrics and embellishments. All in a lovely shimmering silvery colour palette.

You can find the full article complete with a where to buy guide on Pages 44-51 of Heart Home Magazine Issue 2.

  • Anna

    *wibble* I absolutely love these gift wrap ideas they’re so pretty! I know what you mean about the year running away with you, how are a week into December??

  • thea

    I SO hear you re. this year having flown past! Oh and the plans?! hehehe they’re almost funny considering how little of them I’ve managed to enact.

    I think your blog is magical, and has been all 2012, plus the matchboxes(!!!!!) they were this year yes? That’s unbeatable!

    Have a wondrous trip and don’t worry about what you didn’t do. You get one life and as long as you’re happy and spending time with those you love, that’s all that matters.


  • Candy Pop

    They are wonderful.

    Have a fabulous time in Ireland!

  • ambika

    Oh my gosh, I have *so* much vintage lace and never thought to use it this way. Such a fantastic idea.

  • Rachel

    I love how you integrate the neon pink washi tape! Love it.

  • Delovelyish

    Hello, Jeska! I’ve nominated your wonderful blog for a Versatile Blogger Award. If you wish to accept, you can find the details here:


  • Bethany {at} Powell Brower Home

    oh that pink tape/ribbon is to die for. where to find!?