As some of you know it was my 33rd birthday last week and I had such a wonderful day, mostly involving food. A pretty paper garland made form all my birthday card envelopes adorned a breakfast table of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on croissants, followed by opening all the beautiful gifts from my family and friends including a super cute handmade cushion and lavender bag, pretty bracelet, my favourite chocolates and a blossom paradise of a card from my Daddy.
A lunch of lamb with braised lentils and sweet red cabbage was eaten out at our favourite bar and then home to prepare some snacks for tea time visitors.
Left over raspberry and meringue roulade made for a naughty breakfast the day after.

  • nadia

    happy belated birthday! yoru day seemed so pink and perfect!
    enjoy your time in the us!

  • Emma

    Sounds perfect ~ happy belated birthday Jeska!

  • Katie

    would you happen to have a recipe for that raspberry and meringue roulade???

  • Brittany

    Sounds like a perfect birthday. I’m glad it was such a wonderful day!

  • Mary Sheehan Winn

    Happy Birthday! and what a wonderful blog.
    You Brits have such a way with flowers and arrangements of lovely things.
    You must check out a blog called The Vintage Kitten, also by a British lady who is very funny and also has that ‘way’ of display.

  • Ingrid

    Such sweet celebrations…quite the perfect day! Happy Birthday!

    Ingrid x

  • lynn

    How fabulous..I love a birthday. and yours looks like it was really good fun all day long.the card of your Daddy is gorgeous lucky you xx
    So Happy Birthday Jeska xxx you watch it will be round again before you know it ha ha
    Lynn xx

    • Jeska

      Too true, the years are whipping by all too quickly now x

  • Renee Alam

    Happy belated birthday!I love your simple decorations and as always your amazing photography!

    • Jeska

      Thank you, I have your parcel here with me! will post it while I am vacationing in California x

  • Project:Lorna

    Happy (belated) birthday!
    I absolutely adore the garland made of envelopes, so simple yet so pretty!

    • Jeska

      Thank you, I couldn’t bear to chuck all those pretty coloured papers in the bin!

  • Liza Saniefard

    My birthday is today, hello fellow Februrain. Please to make your aqua-intance :)

    • Jeska

      happy birthday!

  • Anna

    Oh many happy belated returns. Love your card from your pops. My Mum often finds ones like that to send to me (my Dad is not so good at tracking things like that down), I think they’re gorgeous! Looks like you had a great day! :)