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Acer TabletDo you use a tablet? Being a complete technophobe, I am pleased that I decided to say yes when I was asked to try out the Acer Iconia a1. Although I am an avid Apple fan, an ipad is just too extravagant for me and for a lot of people. My MacBook Pro is a few years old, so really heavy and a real shoulder breaker, whereas this little piece of tech joy slips easily into my bag, tote or clutch. It also helps me avoid running my mobile phone battery down and adding to my crows feet from squinting while trying to work in my favourite coffee shop, or when I’ve been banished to a hotel room for work out of town.Acer TabletAcer TabletEasy to use even for me! I charged it, turned it on and basically figured out how to use everything in a couple of hours. After installing all my favourite Apps I can now update my blog, check my Etsy shop, twitter and Facebook feeds, not to mention the joys of online shopping while I am waiting to meet friends (do not repeat this to the husband or a confiscation may be on the cards) and the icing on the top – I can view and add to my Pinterest boards at a reasonable size. Being a worrier I am always scared I’ll lose an extra bag with my laptop in, put it down and forget it in a shop or someone will take it, so this is a great solution for me.Acer TabletAs I am often out sourcing lovely things for photo shoots, creative projects and renovations, my bag at times can be filled with old candlesticks, jewellery, glass bottles and all kinds of rough edged treasures that I collect when I am out antique hunting, so of course I had to make a case for it. A frilly bright vintage fabric case with soft felt inside and sparkling jewels on the outside. Scratched and battered is not a good look for technology. All in all I am really pleased with this tablet and it will serve me perfectly, but for a more technical info and Acer Iconia A reviews, these guys have all the features and fine points covered! Acer Tablet

  • Tamzin

    Love the case!

  • jenny

    I like your bag a lot.

  • Daisy Jones

    hello…and happy new year i have just found your superb blog via another (jp and rose) and am so glad I have!!
    I am enjoying reading through your posts…and very jealous to see you will soon have a walk in wardrobe…
    bestest to you and yours
    daisy j

    • Jeska

      Thanks for your lovely words Daisy! I hope to be hanging my clothes in there any day now, so excited!

  • Hunter

    O.M.G!!!! that bag is so super glamorous, I wish it were a blouse, I’d wear it EVERY day!