This morning, I am on the hunt for a selection of princess worthy pink wallpapers, (please let me know if you have spotted any particularly pretty new designs). Whilst on my travels I found this new look book for Sanderson’s Bloomsbury collection, after my visit to Charleston earlier this year, this makes me very happy. I especially like the Matisse Leaf wall paper, and the Still Life and Fitzroy fabrics.

Wishing you a happy sunny weekend x

All images Sanderson

  • fenny setiawan

    Lovely pattern…

  • Debbie

    I love Charleston too,have been lucky enough to visit there a few times,i was introduced to it by a friend long long ago…………good luck with your hunt for pretty wallpaper
    Debbie x

  • hena tayeb

    The dark walls, the black sofa with the pillows.. it looks beautiful

  • lynn

    I have always loved Charleston, both the house and gardens, they have a magical impression of time stood still…as if Clive or Vanessa may chase a small child down the path to the lake….some of this collection gathers the artistry and ambience of their exquisite home into a new more contemporary look that is quite lovely.
    Good luck with your wall paper search………..
    Lynn xxxx