Hi, how was your weekend? Wasn’t the wedding beautiful, I am so happy we have a new princess, and Catherine with her classic style and warm personality is just perfect. We had a great day watching it all unfold, having lunch with friends and drinking Pimms.

My Sunday involved a little too much Rum, (I promise this is the end of the alcohol) but on the plus side some dancing, so I should have at least burnt off a few calories?! Mayday celebrations were at an all time high too with the contrast between the thousands of leather clad bikers and an equal amount of Jack in the green revellers all painted green and swathed in leaves and ribbons wearing floral fairy crowns, with this image in mind I am happily bounding into May and all the new flowers and sunshine it will bring.

Pictures this morning are from another pretty styling session with Ikea’s blog Livet Hemma. I love the use of just a few colours and the blushing accents.

I am off to work in the beautiful shop again today, I will share some pictures with you soon, it is quite nice to be getting out of the house again for a while and I am always super happy to come back to see my little fluffy angels even if they have emptied out the husbands wardrobe or upended my pot plants.

Have a happy Tuesday see you soon x

  • sofia

    Yes I was so happy with that marriage too, everything was perfect they make such a cute couple :)
    These photos are beautiful !

    • Jeska

      Morning Sofia, have a lovely day even if you are working x

  • nyx

    i’ve been hearing about this blog everywhere! these pictures are very pretty – perhaps i’ll go check out the source…thanks!

  • Kat

    The wedding was other worldly and just beautiful.
    I’m wondering what the shop is like that you work in?
    And these Ikea styling shots are just lovely.
    Love Kat x

  • Hannah

    Gorgeous images as usual.

    Yes the wedding was lovely, did get teary eyed !

  • fenny setiawan

    I watched the Royal Wedding at 5 hours straight from the E! I luv it.
    And thanks for sharing this pictures. Nice combination of white and pink touch.