I have always had a partly hidden Boho side. I have tried to fight it but a love of feathers and long floaty skirts has resurfaced, my friends even tease me about getting a dreamcatcher tattoo. For comedy value I may well go ahead and do it! Being in California and waking to the sound of wind chimes every morning has drawn it out even more. I am craving a pair of elaborate earrings. Long and jangly, with semi precious stones, preferably Turquoise. But I am yet to fall in love with a pair in my price range. These from Anthropologie are the ultimates. But I am hanging on for a more moderately prices pair as my wallet situation at the moment is more hobo than boho, any ideas?

  • Anna

    I would have thought TopShop have some? There are loads of inexpensive ones available in Oz. I love the style of Karen from Californication…speaking of which you’re in orange county! Wow, hope you’re having fun!! :)

  • Kate in TW

    Speaking of Anthropologie, did you see their vintagey bridal site Bhldn yet? ( Sorry if you’ve already mentioned it, but there’s some pretty stuff on there!

  • Alexandra Steinmetz

    Make your own! Pick up some fun beads and materials and put some together! You’ll love them even more if they are your creation!

  • Jo

    I love your choice of ‘wish-list’ earings. Looking forward to seeing what else you find. :-)

  • Cherie

    You should check out:

    jennifer morris beads