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Rye Nature ReserveAfter a weekend of beach walking and coastal excursions in Cornwall, I thought I’d share this photo project I recently worked on with Barbour. When they recently emailed me to see if I’d like to try out some of their new Beachcomber collection down by the tide, I thought my favourite local places – Rye Nature Reserve and Pett Level beaches were perfect locations for nautical inspired threads. Rye Nature ReserveBeing a seaside girl all my life, this collection that takes inspiration from the beautiful North East coastline seems just right for larking about down here in East Sussex too. Flip flops on for wading around in the cool spring waves and cosy outer layers for keeping warm as the breeze gets up and the sun goes down.Rye Nature Reserve Pett Level Beach I absolutely adore Sea Kale – we grow it in our own shingle garden at home and I love to see raindrops gathering like jewels in the leaves, the white haze of blooms in late spring and the amazing seed pods that are now starting to form. In winter we gather their dried twiggy forms and use them for rustic decoration indoors. Rye Nature ReserveFirst stop, Rye Harbour – we often come down here to take in the seasonal changes in the landscape and see all the wildlife. With my man trailing me with his camera, we got some smiles from the dog walkers. The sun was shining and gulls were calling in the distance.Rye Nature ReserveThis iconic little hut pops up everywhere online, do you recognise it?In the evening, out by the edge of the tide in Pett, my flip flops came in handy for collecting shells washed in by the gentle waves and exploring rock pools.Rye Nature ReservePett Level Beach A view from above, this is where we walk to see if the tide is high or low. A beautiful cross-country ramble from our home leads us through hedges, woodland and behind some amazing houses and gardens. Pett Level Beach Rye Nature ReserveSundown and sunrise are our favourite times to come here, sometimes we bring dinner too.Pett Level BeachHave a magical new week, lots more to share with you from the weekend and around the mad place we call home, so hopefully, I will be back very soon  xPett Level Beach

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