The Green KitchenHello! I can’t believe it is Thursday already, I have quite a few posts that I want to share with you, but I need to be a million other places too! So I am just popping in to share these pictures I took of some delicious wraps we made from The green Kitchen Recipe Book a couple of evenings ago. You may remember my review and there is another version of this yummy recipe here on the Green Kitchen Stories Blog.

I have been playing around with the camera and these pictures were taken with limited evening light, but I like how they came out. Anyway on to the recipe, these were absolutely delicious! I’m hoping to be back later this evening with some more posts and my missing August break images for you x

Beetroot apple and goats cheese Wraps
makes 8

8 wholegrain tortilla wraps
1 cored and grated apple
1 avocado chopped
Big handful of rocket leavesThe Green Kitchen

Beetroot & Goat Cheese spread
600 g beetroot
300 g soft goats cheese
salt & pepper

Peel the beetroots with a peeler and put it in a blender or food processor, press ‘pulse’ a few times. Then add goats cheese and salt & pepper. Blend for about a minute or until it has the consistency of a rough textured spread.

The Green KitchenQuinoa mix
1 cup mixed quinoa
1 tsp fennel seeds
1/2 cup mixed raisins
1/2 cup toasted chopped walnuts
a pinch of salt
1 organic orange (juice and zest)

Rinse the quinoa and cook in 2 cups water, add fennel seeds, bring to a boil and cook for about 15-20 min. Set aside and allow to cool then mix in raisins, walnuts, orange zest, juice, salt and pepper.

The Green KitchenBuild the layers
Put all 8 tortilla wraps on the kitchen counter. Place two or three of spoonfuls of the beetroot & goat cheese filling in the middle of the bread (not all the way to the sides), place some leaves on top, so it’ll cover the spread. Place a couple of spoonfuls of White Quinoa & Raisins on top then some grated apple and avocado, season.

How to fold them together
Fold each side in, about 1 inch, then fold the end closest to you over the filling and ‘tuck it in’. Fold each side a little, one more time, so you kind of lock the filling. And finally roll the wrap over in the same direction one more time. Roll some wrapping paper around them and tie a string around them to hold them together.

To serve, cut the wraps in halves.The Green Kitchen

  • Kreetta

    Evening light is beautiful. I’ve also photographed in the evenings this summer and I love it! Delicious!

  • found and sewn

    Oh yum. These all look delicious and very healthy too!