Vintage pinsStill wondering what I will make with all that beautiful vintage lace I was given last year. I will show you in detail some more of the amazing pieces, soon. But I thought while I am thinking on it, the best thing to do was to repaint my favourite pin board with charcoal paint and hang them over the mantle, to show the intricate patterns off and keep them visible to me so I don’t forget about them.vintage laceThe black piece is embellished with beautiful antique silver metal sequins, I just love it so much. Also in the box were lovely collars and cuffs, that must have been hand stitched over hours. I think some of these will definitely find themselves sewn to some of my blouses to add an extra layer of pretty.Vintage Lace collection
Vintage Lace collectionI wonder who Nancy Duckett was? x
vintage lace

  • jenny stacy

    Like your idea of showing lace against charcoal paint. It looks great!