Inspired by this handmade doll I saw tucked away in Butlers Emporium (above) amazingly made by a twelve year old girl, I have made some super simple and quick pompom garlands, the mystery girl used rolled up tissue paper balls as the crown embellishments for her ‘Jack in the Green doll’ and it took me back to being in junior school and making easter bonnets and paper crowns decorated with the same simple technique.So thumbs and forefingers at the ready all you need is a few sheets of tissue paper torn into small squares about 3″ by 3″, gemstone or fabric glue-a quick dry is best, a length of thin cord or ribbon, and then get scrunching the paper into tight balls (which will slightly unfurl). I used a carnival of colours for mine but for my next garland I am going to just use some sun faded pink tissue that I have hidden somewhere, for a shabby chic look.Simply lay the strip of ribbon out, beware, my table is now covered in tiny spots of glue and stick each pompom to the ribbon. I did mine in metre sections at a time, once each length was dry I peeled it off the table and started the next. This is not a job to be undertaken unless all kittens and children under the age of helpful are tucked up for their daytime nap.

  • Miss Pickering

    I love this, a lot.

    Rushing to art shop to buy coloured paper.

    • Jeska

      It’s so fun and easy, just have to break through the pain barrier with the scrunching after the 100’th ball it starts to make the fingers ache a bit, but keep going. I got some of this liberty bloom from a local shop and that looks good too, a bit extravagant I know but hey x

      • Jeska

        thanks Eleanor and Sam, will do, just need to find that damn pink tissue now!

  • Eleanor

    oh this is so cute, and it really looks like pom poms from a distance too! xxx

  • sam

    “under the age of helpful” – love it! Love the garland too, do post pics of the pink one when it’s done!

  • ally

    oh so good
    and such good advice re the kittens and the under helpfuls :-)

  • lynn

    Its hard to type whilst rolling the balls, but good for dexterity ha ha
    fabulous idea thanks xxx
    Hugs Lynn XXX

  • UpGemini

    are the kittens playing ‘Tarzan’ with it yet??? :D

  • Katie

    Completely know what you mean about “under the age of helpful”, I laughed when I read that :) Your post makes me want to round up all of my craft supplies and create. Your blog is wonderful, it always inspires me to be crafty (I WILL get around to being more crafty one of these days)!

  • Kazuko

    i think we need more colour in our living room…

  • Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    Oh, oh I love this! Great colors and concept.

  • joannegarcia

    cute idea! i’ll have to try this out :)