Vintage picture styling White Kitchen Pairing down collections, giving shelves room to breath. Our home is finally on the market and so we figured a few less of our things makes way for other people to imagine themselves living here. The kitchen is sparkling and we are super happy with all the clear surfaces, I hope we can carry on the trend in the new place, when we eventually find one! The cats are scampering from room to room with new hiding places and getting into lots of mischief. So this is where I have been, cleaning, sorting, hunting, organizing, and trying to find time for just living. Pussy cat Pale Lounge, living roomVintage bedroomFinally a glimpse of the last of the snow, as it melts away and washes the streets clean, we can get back to exploring the surrounding 20 miles between Hastings and Tenterden to find the place that will be our home for the next chapter of our life. Hastings snow

  • fatima malagueira

    Lovely part of the world, Tenterden! Friends have a place in Appledore, nr Rye. All the best with your move x

    • Jeska

      Thank you Fatima, Appledore is also on the list!

  • judith b.

    It’s all looking so lovely and fresh, I wouldn’t want to move…love those glazed kitchen cabinets-not IKEA are they?

    Good luck with the house hunting!

    • Jeska

      Thanks Judith, No not Ikea, but I am sure they do similar, can’t beat bright white in the mornings! :)

  • Josie Crafter

    so exciting for you, to be moving on now! I know you’ve considered this move for a long, long time. Your home looks beautiful and I’ve no doubt it will be snapped up quickly. I can’t wait to see the way you style your next home!
    happy days,