I was having a little quiet time yesterday over at Lynn’s and after catching up I found her link to Camel and Yak, initially I popped over to investigate the beautiful May Issue of Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine, but I quickly strayed into the furniture department. As you know we hope to move at some point this year, and I have fallen in love with this table to go in our dining room or kitchen, I love the worn wooden top, the sheer size of the thing and the possibility of many friends coming round to eat at this lovely table. Then I saw these lovely vases and who could resist a bright new doormat?

All images Camel and Yak.

  • Gracia

    I hanker for a large wooden table too.

  • MsM

    Oh the RICE mat was on my xmas list. Camel & Yak had sold out. Really nice online shop x