Rustic garden retreatI hope you had a marvelous weekend? We did, we were out here glamping with friends in our newly opened garden retreat! When I said Tea Shed – you know I meant G&T shed, right? A couple of dry weeks (weather wise haha) and a break in our schedule has meant I have finally finished our perfect garden retreat. As we work from home it’s nice to be able to sneak down here now, away from the internet and really relax with a book, cuppa or gin and tonic or two.Rustic garden retreatPotted Geraniums I cannot thank Waltons enough for asking me to makeover one of their contemporary Summer Houses for this collaboration, (and their patience as it’s taken us forever to get it finally finished)! It will be somewhere we spend time in every season, I am already looking forward to autumn evenings down here, we absolutely love being inside our mini cabin when it is raining!Rustic garden retreatIt has everything we need in one perfectly sized room for comfort and entertainment. Once some electricity is installed, we might just move down here!Rustic garden retreatA cupboard for storage and a table that is easily moved around, in or out. Potted Geraniums Rustic garden retreatPiles of cushions, blankets and throws all on top of a moveable day bed. Which is made simply from vintage crates and a single mattress.Hand made wall hanging A crazy big pompom wall hanging that I made – after seeing the tutorial by Lisa Tilse over on We are Scout.Potted Geraniums An unloved tea-pot to house one of my geraniums that needed a bit of TLC.Rustic garden retreatA place for keeping my current reads and inspirational books close at hand.Rustic garden retreatAn old fashioned broom for sweeping out bark and debris that blows in through the doors.Tabby CatSummer Drinks Books about making the perfect beverages in all seasons + pretty glasses to drink them from.Potted Geraniums A sunny corner for my collection of geraniums (pelargoniums) I love their cheery blooms and tough nature. With scented varieties and the whole pink colour spectrum, I am in heaven. Tea in the gardenA cupboard for all my favourite teas and extra books and magazines.Rustic garden retreatLiberty prints in my favourite patterns.Fruit teaThe perfect white cup and saucer on a vintage handwoven mat.Rustic garden retreatClassic novels for lazy summer and crisp autumn days.Tabb catOne cat inside and one outside sleeping in the cat mint – a lure that really worked hooray! I love having both my girls so close by. Cat mintRustic garden retreatRusty lanterns for nightlights and wildly planted herbs and flowers.Rustic garden retreatA covered stoop for sitting out near our fire pit and sheltering from the rain.Summer Drinks And of course, all the gin, i need to bring my whole collection down here!Rustic garden retreatI am looking forward to drinking all my favourite styles of tea out here, fresh Moroccan mint, Indian spiced chai, herbal, fruit and of course my morning English Breakfast tea. Although, I am not sure my antique water boiling situation is completely safe? I am working on finding a more efficient (let hazardous) setup! So, how do you like it? I will be back in a day or two with a few closer details and source book of sorts to help you find lots of the things I picked up (or similar) to decorate the place in a thrifty fashion – all for under £250.00. See you soon! xPotted Geraniums This is a happy collaboration between Waltons and Lobster and Swan. They very generously gave us the summer house and we have done the rest. Our garden is 100% more magical now! x

  • begoña

    Es el sitio más maravilloso que he visto!Me encantaría poder estar ahí!Adoro tu trabajo!

  • Love it! I want to make a big pompom wall hanging too, really inspiring. The shed is so sweet and cozy, and the cats are lovely :)

    • Thank you so much Maren – those poms took an age! haha :)

  • It looks wonderful! I especially love the floral planters – where did you find those? x

    • Thanks E, they are from Anthropologie :)

      • Oh I should have guessed really – the best things always are from there! Hope you’re enjoying your hideaway! x

  • What a lovely space Jeska! I adore everything about it.

    • Hooray, thanks Jesse! I am so glad everyone is as happy about it as me! ;)

  • katyatapartmentapothecary

    Oh my gosh – I’ve been so excited about seeing this after your ‘progress’ posts. It is everything I knew it would be and so much more! It’s amazing what you have achieved on such a small budget and all your creativity makes it look like such a unique space. Love the contrast between the black and white paint ang that reclaimed wood wall is genius. Can’t wait to come round for tea :) xx

    • Thanks Katy, you and baby can come for tea! :)

  • Kirsty Pfeifer

    This is perfection, I think I would nestle in and never leave!!

  • what a wonderful space! I love the kitty getting her garden nap in, too!

  • Julia’s Bookbag

    I AM IN UTTER AWE. gorgeous!!

  • Waltons Garden Buildings

    We still can’t believe how you have transformed our building! It looks so cosy, especially on a day like today (grey and rainy!) We hope you enjoy many happy hours in your Tea Shed :)

    • Thanks peeps! So excited to do a mini makeover for Autumn in a week or two – watch this space!

  • Jen Pollard

    Every single photo is so beautiful! What a wonderful retreat to have. I want to curl up and live there! Thanks for sharing

  • Oh my goodness, what an amazing space you have created! Love, love, love this! We have an empty concrete base in the garden from an old collapsed shed that is just begging for something like this :)

    • Thanks Zoe! It’s so great! We love to fill ours up with friends at the weekend and a fire outside :)