My favourite cure for the ‘Greys’. instagram, tea, biscuits, making things, a good helping of pink and if I am totally honest a dash of Maroon 5-Moves like Jagger (sorry the crash the dream but have you seen that guy don’t think Mick ever had a body like that, blush?!). Handmade or edible everything in my world has been pink this week, some just for looking (the champagne truffles went back in their box). I do love prestat chocolate boxes they are so pretty and bright and now have a bit of a collection of them to keep ribbons and my other making materials in.

I have been busy in my workroom, sometimes escaping to make tea and have a quick snuggle with my sleeping tigers, (can’t resist waking them up) all the while making miniature lace samplers, using some of that amazing collection of vintage lace I was given a while ago. I am hoping to make a few, all in different colours inspired by Marie Antoinette and the sherbet colours of Ladurée Macarons.

Have you had any signs the sun still exists where you are? If you are in Australia it doesn’t count I’m afraid! So, hoping to return later today with a new feature to L&S a blog of the week and news on My February project which I hope you will join in with x

  • Suze

    I love your pictures.
    Sun – pah! I have just lit my fire – it’s freeeezzzing.

    • Jeska

      good to know I am not the only one cranking up the heat! :)

  • lynn

    Sorry Jeska…I never got past the utube…moves like jagger…shucks THAT brightened up my day…is it the tatoos or just the body? phew!

  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    we’ve just had a week of snow and ice! as always, your cozy images make my day — how I wish that I could have had that tea and cozy treat with you! I’ll have some over here and take a picture and we can pretend to have a tea party together :)

    have a fab weekend! ~Melissa

  • Erin

    Ha! So funny, I have recently developed a big Adam Levine crush as well. I even “pinned him” like I’m 15 again. I think it is the tattoos.
    It’s been a combination Instagram/Hipstamatic week for me too. They warm up (visually anyway) the otherwise chilly world. Love your pics and excited to hear about your project.

  • Kat

    Pink, Instagram, tea, biscuits, and making, that sounds perfect.
    I love seeing your photos pop up on my stream on IG
    & thanks for the email & your kindness therein.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Kat x

  • theaxx

    you know actually, speaking from Australia – it’s grey here TOO – nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! it even rained the whole of my wedding month – sniff what were the odds?

    a sad aussie.

    • Jeska

      Oh no Thea, I am sure your wedding was perfect even still xxx

  • {gemmifer}

    Sounds like a great way to shake the greys away… Here in New York we’ve been very lucky, up until today. No snow since the freak storm on Halloween, many days of temps in the upper 40s to lower 50s Fahrenheit (we even hit 60 last weekend!)… So I guess I can’t grumble that right now the snow is falling here, and they’re predicting 3-6 inches. At least I don’t have to trek out to work today, so I’m going to enjoy brunch with Dad, and shopping for a new down coat!

    • Jeska

      Sounds like the perfect way to embrace your seasons! I hope you had a lovely brunch :)

  • Jade

    Perhaps that just means a trip to Hawaii is due? :) It was a beach bunny kind of day over here!

  • apricots+silk

    Lovely week, darling! I just do anything creative. Listen to good music, read, draw, have good conversation with brilliant people, or perhaps cook. And running makes me feel so good.

  • Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    Oh I love your cure for grey days! I felt the same today, just a bit of a MEH feeling all day. Perhaps I need more tea, pink and gorgeously tattooed men in my life. Yes, yes, that would do nicely! :)