Day 16 the Nature one, a vintage matchbox decorated with pages from a faded and aged wild flower book, on the inside the drawer is decorated with silver metal braid, an old cigarette card with sea shells, some tiny real flower buds and a dash of German glass glitter.Just a little reminder that all proceeds of these sales will be donated to Charity as fundraising for my Husbands entry to the London marathon this March. Thanks so much to all of you that have supported me so far and all you amazing people who are taking part over at Flickr! x

  • frauheuberg

    just really lovley…i work on some more, too…;)…mabye i could show them tomorrow…have a lovley night…cheers and hugs…i…

    • Jeska

      Oh thank you and yes! I hope you can, I am loving seeing everyones take on the themes xx

  • Miss Pickering

    This is my new favourite.

    I don’t know how you managed to come up with so many beautiful ones.