Day 23 The travelling circus one, a tiny horse decorated with plumes and shimmering gold, travels the palms of many hands with Bitsy’s travelling circus, inside the vintage matchbox he spends his days with the paper clowns and balancing acts on a bed of gold glitter and lined paper. The inside and outside of this box is decorated with vintage circus imagery and dots of gold sparkle. Listed now x

  • Mariana

    This one’s fun!

    • Jeska

      Thanks so much Mariana x

  • Anna

    This one is perfect -definitely my favourite yet and I have followed every day. Anna x

    • Jeska

      Thank you Anna! :)

  • Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    This is so cute, love it!

    You are so creative, Jeska, I’m in awe!! xxx

  • Ainslie

    I just love this one! a little vintage circus in a box. Delightful! The horse is THE STAR of the show!

  • UpGemini

    One of my favorite themes! L O V E this!!!