Day 8, The music one, fragile old music paper covers the outside of this box, topped with the picture of a faded rose and stamped with a french postmark. Hidden inside the hand painted drawer is a tiny sheet of music for a Popeye tune, tied with red silk ribbon and a miniature harmonica tied to a jute string.Play a happy tune, then slip this sweet little musical instrument back in it’s box and into your pocket. Listed over at Etsy now x And why not check up on the Flickr pool too!

  • Liza Saniefard

    you are too sweet :)

  • Helen


  • frauheuberg

    just so lovley again. I was so busy today that i haven´t time to finish my ones. So hopefully i could show it the next days. By the way i put some of my matchboxes also to our onlineshop. Hopefully this is okay for you, my dear…only to try out whether some people will like it or not…send you much love and a big hug…cheers…i…