Retro Wallpaper SourcebookPatterned wallpaper is having a massive revival as I am sure you are aware! But with more patterns than you can quite get your head around available and price tags running up in to the hundreds, when a friend asked me where to get vintage style papers from, I thought I should also share them here with you. So here are some of my favourite budget friendly retro style designs. I love the granny chic look and these 1950’s hand painted style roses above say it best without being too chintzy don’t you think?Retro Wallpaper SourcebookAbove and below, not for the faint hearted, be bold with some 1960 and 70’s inspired papers. I love this pale patterned Cairo Wallpaper in lilac and grey. I also think the layering of clashing bright patterns is fun, and this giant floral pattern would make a great back drop for that kind of joy!Retro Wallpaper SourcebookIf you prefer to tone it down on colours but still want a fabulous pattern this Stella Wallpaper in White and Gold is a safe place to start, before you branch out into the really wild! Retro Wallpaper SourcebookAll these wallpapers are available from I Love Wallpaper and all other images were sourced from 1 here 2 here 3 here and 4 here.

  • Elizabeth @ Rosalilium

    I love the clashing colours wallpaper. It’s so pretty!