Rustic Flooring ideasLast week I was looking for rugs, today it’s all about what goes underneath. The story goes like this, man takes wife to reclamation yard, wife falls in love with life size bronze stag and reclaimed oak flooring from yesteryear. No room for the giant woodland animal and no budget for the high price tag of floors that may have once been walked upon by noblemen. So it’s back to the drawing board and of course my Pinterest folders.Rustic Flooring ideasSome of our floor boards are distressed in a style that we like with paint flecks etc, but in the lounge/dining/kitchen area we are probably going to invest in something else. I have been busy trying to source other options for aged flooring, like this lovely rustic white wood laminate below.Rustic White Wood LaminateSo if you are also dreaming of wooden floors but have a more modest budget or are sick of carpet and would like a beautifully weathered surface to lay a pretty rug over, I have been exploring some different options for me and for you. I am definitely considering installing a modern alternative that will still give me the look of a surface that’s a few hundred years old, without the hassle of propping up my rocking table legs with old birthday cards!Rustic Flooring ideasRustic Flooring ideasAnd how about this curved ball, Antique oak Parquet vinyl? Perfect in a small bathroom or hallway where you want to be able to clean up easily, or it could work in a bigger space with some lovely rugs placed on top. Modern vinyls are subtly textured so they look very realistic, and not all of us are lucky enough to rip up the our old carpets to find an original parquet floor beneath, I did have high hopes but was sorely disappointed!Grandeur Renaissance OakFlooring featured above Renaissance Oak, Valley Antique Oak, Aspin, and Monastery Oak all available form Carpet Right.

Image credits from top then left to right – The Modern House, William Abranowicz via The New York Times, Modern Country, Carpet Right, Apartment Therapy, FFFFound, Light Locations, Marie Claire Maison via European Chic, Carpet Right.

  • Amelia Partridge

    Absolutely loving the rustic wood flooring complimented by neutral interiors. The printed words on the flooring also give it an old school, lived in feel as well! Fabulous.


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