Our internet and Television service was down on Monday so we enjoyed and old fashioned Halloween night of candlelit scrabble and peace and quiet, while the tigers played hide and seek in cardboard boxes and under towels.In the day I baked another batch of ginger crunch with the addition of creepy spiders and some cocoa in the frosting which made a spiced fudge like topping, then I cooked a huge pot of fiery pork and pepper Ghoul-lash. It was actually pretty nice to really savour our food and have no blaring TV shows in the room. I am seriously wondering if we need to take the television to our new house when we move. I am sure it could only have a positive effect on our lives. Are any of you surviving splendidly without television? Do we really need it as well as being online all day, I think we should we reclaim our evenings. Just a though for 2012.

  • Anna @ Mischief, Flapjacks, Pantone & Me

    I couldn’t agree more, sounds like you had a lovely night, and a great idea!

    • Jeska

      thanks, it was, more often in the future I hope x

  • Elizabeth

    I only watch tv once a week, for Downton Abbey. I don’t actually have the time, mostly. I definitely think it is a distration if it is there so I have tried to not get involved in too many tv shows so I can do other things with my time. I just need to step away from the internet more often. ;-)

    • Jeska

      If I could just convince the husband to watch football in the pub (harder than you would imagine lol) we could do away with it all together, but he is also not a cinema fan, crisps, popcorn, rustling, other peeps and uncomfortable chairs. So keeping it for films might put me in American cop drama danger?! I’m thinking New Years or hide it in a cupboard and yes internet can also be a massive time waster, when I go off on a tangent, even if I do end up somewhere pretty!

      and Twiggs, never in the bedroom! But I just hate the look of the television in the living room, cupboard definitely seems the way forward, if the man refuses to let it go! x

  • twiggs

    loved this! i bet you had such a great evening!!! i hate tv in bedrooms at least! in the living-room is mainly for us to catch up on the news… even if sometimes we just feel like shutting it down! :)

  • rebecca

    Ooh that ginger crunch slice looks yum! I like my tv but i love that now we can record everything I just watch the programmes I love when I want, not when the schedule dictates it! So I can go live my life and then on a grey day like today I might curl up with a cuppa for an hour of something…but I agree that tv takes over peoples live far to much and they are an ugly sight in a living room!x

  • Zoe

    Hi Jeska I have given up television completely, It’s been five months and it really does feel wonderful! I put my old little tv on and old fashioned trolly, It’s kept in the cupboard with the ironing board and hoover for company! We wheel it out about once a week to get cozy and watch a film and then it’s back to the cupboard. Our living room looks really beautiful, arranged for sociable chats, rather than every thing pointing at the tv in the corner! the energy in our flat flows with paece and a sense of calm! luckily my boyf is quite happy to go and watch the rugby at the pub although he does sometimes complain of missing ‘match of the day’ ! x

  • amy

    I just brought tv back (after two years without) when I moved and though it’s been here for a week now, it hasn’t been turned on even once. I’m not a sports-follower, so that may be a sticking point for you; but, I realize now that I have completely new habits and none of them involve television. I’m going to cancel the service.

  • Helen

    I suppose it depends on your circumstances but if you’re lucky enough to have enough space so you can eat without being in the same room as the dreaded television then that’s a start.
    If you only use your TV for films, and again, space permitting, how about replacing it with a projector?

  • Ashley

    I totally agree, we have had no TV for all of our independent “adult” life and it definitely changes the focus of evenings. And actually most of the TV we would want to watch can be found online now, so if we do want to watch something in the evening we do it online! The one thing we have always wanted to get is a projector to hook up to the laptop so then we could feel like we’re in the cinema :)

  • Emma Shaw

    Love love your pics. We have lived without tv for three years now and we love it! I feel like we have our evenings back, and there’s always iPlayer etc for the times when there is something really WORTH watching. You should try going tv-free one night a week! x

  • emma lamb

    Sometimes I think it would be great to do away with the tv too because there are barely a handful of programmes that I like to watch at any one time… But I do love watching films while I crochet, I heart Film4! Oh and my man is a big PS3 fan so he uses it mostly for gaming.
    I think if I really had the choice I would love to limit the channels we had and just pick out the handful that we ever tune into or watch the tv programmes we do like ‘on demand’. That way if there’s nothing to watch it would be much easier to switch it off and not get drawn into any channel hopping nonsense!
    Oh, and definitely no tv in the bedroom… !

  • Jeneveve

    I’ve managed without one for just over a year now, and I really don’t miss it. I still have the actual machine, for watching DVDs, it’s just not tuned it and I don’t have a TV licence (£12 a month to spend frivolously…)

  • sarah

    jo got rid of her telly about 3 years ago , and never misses it!

  • Jeska

    Some great thoughts here, so excited to get home and read all your lovely comments, keeping it in a cupboard is definitely going to happen when we move, as dominating the lounge, it is often just on for the sake of it, but I would miss my movies x

    Starting with one tv-less night at a time, I think we could maybe cut down to just weekend viewing and football, (I shall slink off in protest) :)

  • Kat

    It’s a bit like the Internet it depends what you use it for and how much doesn’t it.
    But I value the tv, obv being that I have been in the house for long periods. There were many many years when I was too ill to watch it, so now when I can, I appreciate it all the more.
    I enjoy the countryside programs, Countryfile (which featured the gorgeous baby squirrels last week – eek so cute!) and Escape to the country shows some beautiful parts of the country and homes. At the minute I’m enjoying Sarah Beeny’s restoration program, her husband and little boys are gorgeous.
    What else, I like the cookery shows, The great British bake off was fab, and Lorraine’s baking made easy. Slow restful shows that keep you company are my draws, and also documentaries that I learn from.
    I also like wimbeldon over the summer and will watch slot of the olympics when it’s on next year.
    And I like period dramas such as Downton abbey, or catching older films I haven’t seen like Brideshead revisited. I wouldn’t have got that out but Ben Wishaw was brilliant in it.
    Sorry this got a bit long! Kat xoxo

  • Kat

    Ps. I forgot the gardening….gardeners world with Monty, and seeing which flowers I would want in my dream garden, and seeing other people’s amazing gardens is always inspiring& also seeing Chelsea flower show.
    I also like the ballets on bbc4, especially over Christmas.

    • Jeska

      Oh no, I totally get that, I love these shows too, :) I just think for me, I spend too much time watching what other people are up to, and I should instead be doing all these exciting things myself! xxx Ps love the restoration nightmare! x

  • Mammamsterdam

    When we moved back in 1995 we didn’ t bother to take with us the TV-set, which was a hand-me-down anyway and wasn’t working properly. Since then we never wanted one back, except short periods in which the children were reaally small and I had a language school in the firts two floors of our house, and they would sneak there in the weekends to watch Shrek on the school dvd-player while we were sleeping longer (they were 3 and 1, and the oldest also figured out how to fix themselves a breakfast of sorf buns and milk from the fridge, in order to watch as much film as possible from the DVD before we would get up and exercise our veto-rights. Basically they would just come into our room if halp-asleep I needed to open a new box of milk, which was the single thing they needed our help for).

    They are 7 and almost 10 now, and moved to cartoons on youtube, as we moved 3 years ago and still are in no hurry to unpack bulks of things, including said DVD-player.

    So yes, you can, internet and a dvd player, = the occasional subscription to a good weekly is enought to keep up with the worlds’ pace.