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Beautiful towns Flavigny-sur-Ozerain - FranceLast week we spent four rainy and one sunny day in the fairytale region of France – Burgundy. Along with our friends we packed up in two vehicles with three little ones and lots of luggage and set off at 6.30am for the village of Benoisey. Rural France Benoisey This was the view from the lovely old house we stayed in. Despite the rain (we were lucky enough to have narrowly escaped the flooding) we visited villages and towns, gardens and the Abbaye de Fontenay (coming up in my next post).Beautiful towns - Semur-en-Auxois France  The pretty town of Semur-en-Auxois with its medieval core, built on a pink granite bluff is crumbling in places, with turrets and battered walls and is half-encircled by the River Armançon.Beautiful towns - Semur-en-Auxois France Semur Burgundy France We played Pooh sticks with the littles as the water rushed by underneath us.Beautiful towns - Semur-en-Auxois France  Alleyways and stone paths lined with lush green spring foliage and ancient signage on dusty buildings. The sound of school children high up in a playground above the ramparts. Bridges, hills and valleys. This town has it all.Rural France Next, we took a few trips to the most beautiful town I have ever seen, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain. Our visits turned into an unplanned cat safari as each time we went back (hoping for a dry day) we spotted a new four-legged friend to snap with our cameras.French catFrench catShabby first flush roses were drooping under the weight of spring downpours and all the houses and gardens were tangled visions of beauty.   Beautiful towns Flavigny-sur-Ozerain - France Beautiful towns Flavigny-sur-Ozerain - FranceFrench catPale and peeling the blue-grey paint on doors, shutters and windows was another highlight.Beautiful towns Flavigny-sur-Ozerain - France French cat Beautiful towns Flavigny-sur-Ozerain - FrancePeach and blush pink hues were snapped up everywhere we went too, in the form of more roses, tins of traditional sweets, doors and locally made wine. Beautiful towns Flavigny-sur-Ozerain - France Rural France We also found new fascination with alpine, sedum and fern plants that were springing out from every crack and layer of the walls and roofs. Beautiful towns Flavigny-sur-Ozerain - FranceEvery house was my dream house, all old and some crumbling and barely inhabitable and each one dressed for a flower festival in their finest blooms. Beautiful towns Flavigny-sur-Ozerain - FranceSecret gardens around every corner, behind old gates and tall walls, from tiny yards to epic gravel terraces of irises – I was a little overwhelmed with all the inspiration and beauty I saw. Rural France I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, I should be back tomorrow with another post and more places to visit if you decide to hit the road and head for wine country, à bientôt x – Read part two now here! French cat

  • Love Burgundy! Before reading on, I was like: Ohhhh I hope they visited Flavigny. And then saw you did! It’s so dreamy there <3 Beautiful photos Jeska!

    • Isn’t it?! A whole town lost in time and rose buds x

  • I saw a few of these lovely photos on pinterest and didn’t realize they were your own. Gorgeous!

    • Thanks Jessica! It was such a beautiful place to visit :)

  • Oh, I’m a french (fan) reader and it’s very nice to see these beautiful pictures ! You should like “Ardèche” and “Provence” also ! :)

    • Ooh yes I think I would love it there too! :)

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  • Anna Pisareva

    So beautiful Jeska! Your pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! Your posts always fill me with lots of color inspiration and simple happiness. I love these quotes on the window. Is it a somebodys home?

    • Thanks! Yes I think it is someones home! He was just snoozing in the sun :)

    • Thanks! Yes I think it is someones home! He was just snoozing in the sun :)