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Walled Nursery in HawkhurstHello, It’s been too long! We have been on an unplanned – August hiatus, how has your month been? With weddings to attend, trips to plan, sheds to build (yes another wee one for the husband), shop updates and general summer enjoyment all round, we have been rushed off our feet. I have been meaning to share these images for a couple of weeks. As it is almost the weekend, it seems a good time to get my butt in gear and show you this wonderful place – you will definitely want to visit if you happen to live or be in the Kent/East Sussex area anytime soon! Walled Nursery in HawkhurstThis is the beautiful Walled Nursery in Hawkhurst. With thirteen Victorian Glasshouses, this place is a nursery like no other. These are the kind of places we love to visit as much as possible in the spring and summer. We are plant obsessed and our garden has become quite the patchwork of colour and shapes. The owners Emma and Monty took on the wonderous and exhausting task of giving this place it’s magic back in 2010 and along with their families and volunteers – are doing an amazing job!Succulent houseWe spent way too long in the succulent house, eyeing up all the weird and wonderful species. Rusty planters, glass hanging gardens, baby plants and established ones too.Succulent house Succulent house Succulents Succulent houseThe buildings themselves are amazing, the watering and even drainage systems were fascinating. Toadflax and ferns grow out of old pipes and tiny cracks in the walls. Roses were climbing up the windows and against the high red brick boundary walls of the nursery.Victorian Green houseSucculent houseVictorian Green houseColourful blooms waving and bobbing in the breeze, so many varieties, we didn’t know where to start. So, I grabbed a trolley and started filling it up – it’s the only way. A flower trolley dash filled with happiness that will last for seasons to come!Victorian Green houseVictorian Green houseVictorian Green houseAntique rust and peeling white paint on the frames and structures, pale next to the shimmering glass – reflecting all the colours from the planted flower beds and plant displays. Victorian Green houseVictorian Green houseThe overgrown bits and rambling plants really make this place, we were poking around for ages, the lovely staff checking on us every now and then to help us find things. My new obsession is now scented Pelargoniums – I have been collecting the regular ones for years now. My go-to plant for a dash of bright joy and a stroke of their lily pad leaves. The scented ones are so delicate – with fragrances of lemon sherbert, turkish delight, peppermint or cola. Some have the softest velvet stems and others with their frilly and fuzzy leaves. Needless to say, two of them came home to live in the Tea Shed.Victorian Green houseVictorian Green houseVictorian Green houseTo top it all, their garden shop is filled with vintage tools, pots, awesome garden chairs from Denys & Fielding (cherries please) and houseplants draped all around.Walled Nursery in HawkhurstVictorian Green houseVictorian Green houseVictorian Green houseVictorian Green houseIf you get here, keep your eyes peeled for Billy and Benny. ‘Most likely to be found lazing in one of the glasshouses during the day’ – they are amazing. Meow! xWalled Nursery in Hawkhurst

  • begoña

    Beautiful pictures!you made my day!😊

    • Yay, thank you Begona! It is such a happy place :)

  • This place looks like a dream! I love the glass houses. Here we have big tented structures for our greenhouses. These look just gorgeous!

  • Zara H

    such a lovely place! thanks for a walk :)

  • Julia Smith

    It looks amazing Jeska! Might have to pop over once the small folk are back at school x

    • you definitely should! get over there! :)