I often get lovely things through the post and am, as you can imagine quite forgetful in returning the joy. So today I am putting together a few packages. Making, wrapping, decorating then mailing. If you are also looking for something lovely to send, I fell in love with these super sweet sentiments designed by Netherlands based illustrator Kim Welling over at her Etsy shop Kims Little Monsters. Especially if you know someone who has had a knock to their confidence or just needs reminding a friend is always near. Tiny fox snuggin in a teeny box? Love it x

I have been fascinated by filling, saving and converting matchboxes for a long time, I think my match box appreciation started when I was a little girl and on saturday mornings my granddad would take me to the newsagent to buy the weekend papers, I used to skip over to the pocket money toy shelf where they used to sell these tiny bean filled toy babies that lived in match boxes, (click the link with caution, they are not as cute as I remember!)

All images Kims Little Monsters.

  • cara

    ah these are so great! love the little piggy!

  • Sue

    I had completely forgotten about them. I had one with red clothes and hat with yellow trimmings. Looking at them now they are quite…..frightening!

  • Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    Oh my god, proper flashback with those tiny babies in the matchboxes – I used to love those as well as a kid but god, they are a bit creepy now, aren’t they? lol

    On the other hand, Kim Welling’s matchboxes are infinitely sweeter! I’ve been eyeing those for quite some time, love them x

  • rebecca

    These are so cute and amazing and inspiring! I have a friend that is definatly recieving one of these as a present!x

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