Gossip Girl Fashion StyleMy confession to a recent obsession. It started last year – having never seen Gossip Girl it on scheduled TV (we don’t have a television anymore), it was a chilly day, I had the flu and was tucked up on the sofa with the cats and my laptop, desperately looking for something to take my mind off of a throbbing head and sore throat. At the age of almost 36 you might wonder what on earth I was doing pitching up a camp and settling in to a drama based on the evil rumour spreading of American high school girls. But one look at Blair Waldorf’s outfits and the outrageous behaviour of the characters and I was hooked. Gossip Girl Fashion StyleAs much as the storyline is ridiculous – the wardrobe department is enviable. I watched it all, right to the very end, losing whole days of my life that I will never get back. A flurry of Alice bands, beautiful loosely curled locks, colour splashes and couture that should not be available to the under 20’s. But Blair’s outfits brightened my days and made me want colour in my wardrobe again.Gossip Girl Fashion StyleThat’s it. All over now, lets never speak of it again, unless it’s in the comments section to share your embarrassing TV secrets?! x Gossip Girl Fashion Style

  • http://roomtobreatheva.blogspot.co.uk/ fatima malagueira

    Can’t believe I’ve never seen Gossip Girl, think I’m going to love it! May have found a replacement for my Sex and the City addiction :-)

    • Jeska

      Story lines no where near as good, but fashion joy in every episode, Fatima x

  • http://www.splendourandrouge@gmail.com Sarah

    Love Gossip Girl too, after season one watched just for the clothes.
    Sex and the City Charlotte York another fav…..

    • Jeska

      Yes indeed Sarah, it filled the gaping hole in my life after Carrie and her walk in wardrobe left me :(

  • jane

    Charmed! I mean come on has anyone else ever watched this?! it doesn’t even have a good wardrobe, its ancient but then so am I but I have seen every single episode at least three times! I will now have to go and eat a whole packet of biscuits to off set the shame…….

    • Jeska

      I think I saw it once, Shannon Doherty, Jane?

  • lynn

    looks amazing I’m stuck on the floor with a bad back no telly…. but a lap top ha ha this will be most entertaining eternal thanks xxx

    • Jeska

      A definite back healer, feel better soon Lynn x

  • http://starlinghome.wordpress.com Angela W.

    Oh no! Not Gossip Girl. Lol. Okay, here is my confession. Last, December, and I am every bit as mature as you are, I watched every single episode of The Carrie Diaries for many of the same reasons you gave. You are the only person who knows this. I will deny it if it ever gets out.

    • Jeska

      never seen it Angela, but I want to!

  • http://www.cornerofparkandfrance.com Kate

    My fave tv show/guilty pleasure is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sarah Michelle Gellar couldn’t be cuter, David Boreanaz and James Marsden couldn’t be hotter, and friendships is always paramount to the plotline. Win! Win! Win!

  • http://www.cornerofparkandfrance.com Kate

    friendship, not friendships…my typo caused a bad grammar incident there…

  • http://roomtobreatheva.blogspot.co.uk/ fatima malagueira

    Ok I need that fashion input back in my life! Off I go to download :-) x

  • http://www.18chelseamews.com Nova @ 18 Chelsea Mews

    Spotted! Haha! Oh my goodness! Reading this post felt like someone telling me they know my little secret. I’m 36 and, like you, I do not have a television (haven’t had one in years and don’t particularly like watching TV anyway) but got hooked on watching Gossip Girl on my laptop when my sister (16 years my junior) came to visit in 2009. The gorgeous outfits and accessories had me from the start and I’ve watched all episodes of all series and was even a bit annoyed when it ended. I loved the glamorous decor at the soirées and the beautiful people with drama and attitude too! xoxo

  • Vicki

    uhh… true confessions: I watched every episode of Jane By Design, then pretty much had to go thru therapy when it was cancelled. Total frippery of a show, but really fun to watch for the clothes and the “fantasy fashion job” storyline. So silly and so fun!

    • Jeska

      Ha! Vicki, I just watched the trailer looks like ridiculous fun :)