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It’s just so dark around here. There is a window of about 2 hours of photo worthy time per day, especially as the sun seems to be on a permanent vacation in a different county (or maybe further afield?) do you have it per chance?
I know the snow was a pain for most people and even me some days, but the light it gave was perfect for taking pictures. Whilst it was around I found this lonely leaf trapped on the ice in the road.
Indoors there has been a tiny forest of pine cones lined up on my sideboard, each waiting to be brushed with gold, silver or pearly paint then doused in glitter. Now I just need to hunt out my floristry wire to attach them to the tree. Then I must finish and pack up my gifts ready to send, I find the days slipping through my fingers, and I’m not getting much done.
Today will have to count as my Saturday, more self discipline must start tomorrow. No TV, no laptop, no nipping out for coffee.

Have a great weekend.

  • http://allthingswhite.etsy.com Kathi

    you echoed my thoughts today, the time is flying by and my list seems to be growing in spite of my efforts. but it is a lovely time of year and i am doing my best to enjoy the process. love your new blog/site !!!

  • http://www.travelingmama.net Traveling Mama

    We have been lamenting the same thing here in Copenhagen. We moved here in June, so we’re still adjusting to the seasons, but other than trying to take photos it’s been wonderful!