Jeremy Miranda NeighborhoodJeremy MirandaA glance through recent Etsy Blog posts led me to this article which in turn led me to the beautiful work of New England painter Jeremy Miranda. His green houses are ablaze with a beautiful warmth and tropical heat, but it’s the greys that got me. Paintings of familiar things that somehow seem extraordinary, in all the colours of Autumn and Winter. I love the way that Jeremy uses so many different greys in his artworks, the soft waves against hard rock and cliffs, foliage framing the night time ocean. Pebbles and mountains. Fires and window frames. I think with all the dark skies and stormy nights of our English winter to come, a piece by Jeremy will be a perfect to hang on our living room wall.Jeremy Miranda Jeremy Miranda Backshore HumidityJeremy Miranda

All Images from Jeremy Miranda’s Blog here.

  • http://emmallamb.blogspot.co.uk emma lamb

    Absolutely! So beautiful! x