I have always been obsessed with old matchboxes, with secret small things hidden inside, I have one with a hand typed message from my great grandfather, which is very special to me, and various others which harbour beads, vintage stamps and broken jewellery. For a long time I have wanted to start a project, a collection of tiny worlds all under a few inches in size.So for February I am going to do just that, I have 29 vintage wooden match boxes saved and waiting to be turned in to tiny art works. As you can see here I have made a start on the outsides (as during that month I will have work days and away days), my goal is to complete one each day of February and post it here and over at Etsy for sale.

My Mollie makes 2012 calendar made the perfect day planner to stay on track and a guide for you if you want to play along? I am using vintage match boxes and have some spares listed in my shop, or you could use new boxes, whatever you have or can get! I have also started a Flickr group here so we can all see each others tiny creations. I will send out invites to all my contacts and if you are not on my list I hope you will request to join, then I can add you?

Now don’t worry, I can hear your fears, I didn’t cover over any of these beautiful old labels, I had a bulk of old wooden pub and ship boxes which took the fall xI have mentioned before that my husband is running the London marathon and to help him raise money for his charity I will be listing each matchbox daily in my Etsy shop, they will all have different prices ranging from £10-£20 depending on what is inside them and all the money after fees will be donated to his charity (Oxfam). He has quite a way to go so I thought I would help him along, and it is the least I can do bearing in mind I don’t think I could ever attempt to run a half marathon let alone a full one! Below is the list of boxes I will be making. Please join me and try to make the whole 29 (listed below),  just one or as many as you can, the themes are loose and can be interpreted any way you choose. Have fun! Please re-tweet the link to this post if you think any of your creative friends would like to take part, the more the merrier! x

1 the airmail one
2 the bird one
3 the happy birthday one (I am 34 today!)
4 the lace one
5 the french one
6 the thank you one
7 the water one
8 the music one
9 the recipe one
10 the pretty one
11 the shabby chic one
12 the antique one
13 the gold one
14 the love one
15 the fancy one
16 the nature one
17 the sweet one
18 the gentleman’s one
19 the rose one
20 the country one
21 the garden one
22 the cute one
23 the travelling circus one
24 the forget me not one
25 the Japanese one
26 the sparkly on
27 the last days of winter one
28 the romantic one
29 the extra one!

  • http://www.poppyinpearls.com Sarah

    I would LOVE to get involved with this!
    It’s a manic month for me so each day may be a bit optimistic but I’m definitely going to give this a go….
    How do I go about joining the flickr group?

  • Liza Saniefard

    I’m going to try to make at least one in my birthday month of February! I am enamored with adorable little containers, and this is just such a great idea!

  • http://www.daisyley.co.uk Jo Norman

    Slightly spooked by the coincidence of this post. Had only rediscovered your blog last night and had read all about Kim Welling’s pocket boxes & even looked at Flickr 100 things in a matchbox to see if I could find a matchbox thing to do. Round about way of saying I’d love to do this :-)

  • Jeska

    This makes me happy x to join the flickr group go to the page click through here http://www.flickr.com/groups/lobster_and_swan_matchbox_challenge/ and you should be able to request an invite, if not I will make the group public x

  • http://creativemischiefandme.blogspot.com Anna @ Mischief, Flapjacks, Pantone & Me

    Jeska this is such a lovely idea, your matchboxes are gorgeous. I gave my friend’s little girl a matchbox with mouse in it for Christmas and it was so cute that I realised I have a passion for little things in little boxes too. I would love to be able to join you but sadly I have too much on over February but I will most certainly be following your creations. Can’t wait to see them! Might even do a post on them when you are finished :-) xx

  • http://Www.moline.typepad.com Yvonne

    Oh what a lovely idea. I made a lot of themed matchboxes for swaps but never thought of making it a monthly Challenge. I might as well make some for me or friends.

  • http://www.skye-loves.com Skye (Skye Loves…)

    What a wonderfully creative idea. Love it. Absolutely love it.

  • http://www.sarahhardaker.co.uk sarah

    lovely lovely – we make lots of things in matchboxes here, bella (age 8) and i will definitely be joining in. xx

  • http://www.secretsofabutterfly.typepad.com Kat

    I’m really liking this idea J, I would love to take part,
    I also have a soft spot for matchboxes since a little girl
    As they featured in my favourite story, where they were a bed for a doll. :)
    I will hope to join in. What do we do with ours once made? Keep them? Give them to you to sell?
    Kat xox

  • http://conversationpieces.co.uk Zoë {Conversation Pieces}

    This is so so lovely… and a lovely idea as a challenge. I only have a 2 vintage matchboxes at home so I’m a ‘few’ days short but I might give it a go anyway :)

  • http://www.ABJglassworks.com Ashley

    Love this idea, now to find 29 matchboxes…

  • Peekaboo design/Lene

    So pretty decorated ! I love them.

  • http://saladandsequins.com/ Tamizn

    Hmmmmm I could probably do one! x x

    • Jeska

      Tamzin, make one on detox weekend, keep your mind off solid food! xxx :)

  • http://carolhammontree.typepad.com/blog/ Carol Hammontree

    My grandmother and I shared a love of tiny things and I would love to participate. I’ll have to go with newer matchboxes, though. Love your idea.

    • Jeska

      new boxes are just as good Carol, almost better as you won’t feel so bad covering them over! x

  • http://suburbansider.blogspot.com Ainslie

    Hi, I am looking for a new creative project for February and I would love to try this one!

  • http://pinkindielondon.blogspot.com/ Jess Lucas

    This is such a fantastic idea, I really want to join in:)

    Jess x

  • http://judyscottdesigns.com Judy Scott

    this sounds so lovely – I would love to join in – will head over to flickr now :) have a happy weekend x

  • http://www.cosyhomeblog.com Rachel @ Cosy Home

    This sounds like a fab idea and I’d love to join in, please!

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates.

  • http://realitycoma.blogspot.com Jay

    I bought a few old match boxes at a flea market a few months ago. I like collecting them.

  • http://www.dearpearlvintage.blogspot.com Kris

    would absolutely love to join in gorgeous idea x

  • http://katunbecoming.blogspot.com Kat

    This is an amazing idea! I’m travelling a lot of February, but I think this is the perfect diy to pack! I’m definitely going to try to make a couple of them

  • http://www.melissamccobbhubbell.com Melissa McCobb Hubbell

    oh how I need a little project – where someone else sets the guidelines..! I would love to participate.

    thanks for the invitation and inspiration.


  • http://blog.alltheluckintheworld.nl/2011/10/09/this-week/ jane

    I love this idea! I’m in! x Jane

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  • http://www.frauheuberg.blogspot.com frauheuberg

    hello my dear…thanks again for your invitation on flickr…i will try to jump in, too…also tomorrow is the first one…;)…a wonderful project, really…;)…i love this idea so much…so will go now to the flickrgroup…have a great time with this project…cheers and hugs…i…

  • http://manoswelt.blogspot.com mano

    wonderful boxes!
    please, have a look to my blog: since january I have a project “366 kunstschachteln” (366 art boxes) – for every day of the year one box!
    here you can find it: http://manoswelt.blogspot.com/search/label/kunstschachteln.
    have great fun with your matchboxes! mano

  • http://www.herzfrisch.com/blog/ Miss Herzfrisch

    A really wonderful project! I love the idea very much and take part on my blog.
    Looking forward to see more of your lovely boxes.
    Thanks and regards

  • http://www.meoldchinablog.blogspot.com MsM

    Great Idea! Im really enjoying your Instagrams x

  • http://aerismade.blogspot.com/ Marite

    Thank you so much for inspiration.. Totally gonna do this challenge :) ^^

  • http://jo-lifeintheslowlane.blogspot.com/ Jo

    Sigh…. I want them ALL. Seriously swooning here. Such a lovely way to support your husband and raise money for a good cause…. Jo x