Midweek already! This is the year to make sure we visit friends and family more, the days flew by so quickly in 2010 and before I knew it, had only seen them a handful of times. Busy days, different schedules and the minefield that is being a grown up with bills to pay and work to be done and of course mobile phones and Facebook making it easier to cancel. I wonder if maybe I preferred the old days before all this technology when you had to stick to your word and turn up when you said you would. I am pleased to tell you that I have had managed to catch up with two friends already this week so far.
Now from everyday life friends to new blog friends, below is a little list of new favourite places I am going to spend my February weekend reading time. Please meet . . . .

Becky Tea cups cupcakes-likes her tea milky, no sugar and enjoy’s cooking and baking, but always tries to get out of the washing up.

Carole Dear designers-Interior Design. Pure and Simple.

Leigh Found Now Home-exploring London and beyond with her wonderful husband and baby girl.

Lauren Lauren Lists-Images and visual inspiration.

Liz Anna and Roy-like’s romantic things, dark things, secret family history things and rearranges her home decor on at least a weekly basis.

Nancy Wolf and Willow-writer, designer and craftress, designs clothes for children’s fashion label Wolf and Willow and is the Art Director of Toffee, a new digital magazine and craft kit.

What is your newest blog find?

  • http://www.arosebeyondthethames.blogspot.com Rose

    I need new finds so this is really helpful- thank you!

  • http://lilacandlily.com Helen

    I’ve been reading lots of Scandinavian design blogs lately. Here are a couple of my favourites:



  • http://deardesigners.wordpress.com Carole

    Hi Jeska, that is so sweet of you. Thank you for the mention.
    I seem to spend my weekends reading blogs too – nothing better to beat the February blues!
    Do get in touch next time you are in London, it would be lovely to see you again.

  • http://www.teacupscupcakes.blogspot.com Becky

    Thanks for the link Jeska, very, very chuffed :)

    As I said at that meet up at Drink Shop Do when I got a bit starstruck and just blabbed and blabbed, L&S was one of the first blogs I started reading religiously and really inspired me to start my own, so to have this mention from you is lovely!