Iris Barrel Apfel fashion museWelcome to my second colour explosion of the day. This collection of images from Architectural Digest is of maverick fashion icon Iris Barrel Apfel’s bold Manhattan apartment. I love this place, it’s the complete opposite of how we live but left to my own devices I can imagine I could have quite easily have ended up living in a house filled with colour and pattern like this. I can see my husbands hands covering his eyes right now. Isn’t it amazing?!Iris Barrel Apfel fashion museA great believer in curiosity, with her interior decor as bold as her magnificent wardrobe and jewellery – she says “I don’t do run-of-the-mill stuff and I don’t do minimal.” “If you know how to carry something off you can make it look wonderful, it doesn’t have to be expensive or trendy”. Her home is playful, bright, interesting and so individual. Nothing is purchased to match anything else within it, but instead because Iris liked it or it inspired her.Iris Barrel Apfel fashion museJust as inspiring as her taste, style and amazing career as an interior designer and fabric producer, is her relationship with her husband of over 60 years. In the film currently being made about her life, Her husband says “There was something about her that just got in to me, and it’s always there” – “you never know what’s going to happen with this child surprise surprise”. Iris “figured he was cool, he was cuddly and he cooked chinese so I couldn’t do any better”. They have been married over 60 years and are loving every minute of it. With surroundings and lives like this to keep you busy and inspired, it is no wonder!Iris Barrel Apfel fashion museIris Barrel Apfel fashion muse


All images by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

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    Isn’t Iris just amazing? I love her. I wonder if it is too late for me to be her when I grow up….?