Vintage candle sticks A couple more pictures from around the place, up and out early today, the sun is shining and although the forecast says rain I can’t quite imagine this sky turning grey today. With a train ride through the countryside and some window shopping planned, I hope my faith in the clouds is not too foolhardy.
Water colour experiments Tomorrow will hopefully be spent here, I want to get some light water colour practice in, so I can make some cards and gifts for The All Things Spring Curiosity Bazaar. I dug up this old picture from a couple of years ago when my creativity was on a high and am hoping it can inspire some new designs for Spring and Easter.
Rifle Paper Co notebooksAlso over the next few weeks will be gathering local business cards and information about all our favourite places near by for a welcome pack to leave behind for the next owner of the apartment. Best Coffee, best home wares, best cake, best antique shop, I am thinking I may need a bigger notebook or will end up packing out all three volumes.
Vintage hallway styleAs I am nearing the end of this post the sky has already started squashing together fluffy clouds with silver edges that I am sure mean to open up and drench me the second I walk out the door, better dig out an umbrella. Have a lovely day today whatever you doing x

  • Jessica

    Such a lovely thought leaving behind a little welcome guide to the area. I love that!

  • Jeska

    thanks, the pack is coming along nicely Jessica, will share it when it’s finished x

  • Katie

    Those notebooks are gorgeous! And I think it’s such a nice idea to leave behind suggestions of your local favorites. If it were me, I’d be truly touched!