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freezing fog 2017This post is all about things to do when you can barely see your hand in front of your face, a freezing fog has covered the countryside with a veil of white magic and you live near a castle. frozen country laneWe had lots to do on Monday last week when this mystic fog descended. Lots of admin, accounts and renovating. We are no strangers to the ‘fog’ in our village. The road in often looks like something out of Sleepy Hollow – when the rest of the county has brilliant sunshine. But this was different, it was super cold, so everything was frosted and I just knew we had to get outside.freezing fog 2017We packed up our cameras and decided on an impromptu visit to nearby Bodiam Castle, making use of those National Trust passes we renewed for 2017. Taking the back roads we discovered still and silent scenes of frosted magic. Mother Nature had dressed the countryside in tiny diamonds and twinkling dust.Frosted landscapefrost covered fieldFrosty twigsThrough the haze and branches, we stumbled upon this abandoned cabin. My tiny dream home with a red roof, veranda and overgrown garden. We stopped to take a few photos before getting back on the frosty trail to Bodiam.Derelict shack Derelict shack Derelict shack Derelict cabinIcy cobwebVintage living Snowy teasel ducks in winterFreezing fog Teasels stood tall in the hedgerows and the grey and brown tones of wood, frozen water and mist were punctuated with neon duck feet and the red feathers of a plump little robin. Who knew you could be only metres away from one of Britain’s most picturesque and romantic ancient monuments and not see it?! Then, out of the freezing fog loomed the turrets and towers of the 14th century built – Bodiam Castle.Bodiam castle winter 2017Frozen cobwebs and chips of ice glistened like jewels in the dim light. A couple more weeks like this and the whole moat would be perfect for ice skating!Icy pond Every ditch and puddle had been transformed into a frozen wonderland – we saw tiny wrens and moorhens flitting and stalking amongst the icy grasses, weeds and branches.Frozen hedgerowsFrozen country lanesIce stormfrosted foliageSnowy sussex scenesThe road home took us past yet more snow dusted homes, with chimneys smouldering and glimpses of the landscape peeking through the pale haze. I am so glad we could leave our desks behind for a few wonderful hours and soak this all up. Who knows when a day this crazy and beautiful will come around again? Wishing you fun weekend adventures! All images by myself & @dean.hearne xfog and smoke scenes

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