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Building a summerhouse A tatty wasteland. This was the state of just one of the wayward corners in our back garden until a recent collaboration with the lovely people from Waltons – meant I got the chance to tidy it up and work on a project making over one of their beautiful Summer Houses. When we moved here we inherited two sheds. The semi-good one got halved and turned into a log store and the second one was this one! Dean has laid claim to the garage so I was in need of a garden retreat all of my own – recently coined a ‘she-shed’ but I am not sure how I feel about that term so I am calling it my tea shed ;)Old shedTucked down the bottom of our long and slightly out of control garden, behind a few magical trees and an overgrown border. The old shed was wild with ivy, abandoned birds nests, spiders and old plant pots inside. We had hidden all our garden cuttings branches, hedging and more from the previous year down the side out of sight from the house (see top pic)! So the hard work started with us moving all of that out to make bonfires and take to the garden waste centre. Then we ceremoniously tore the old cobwebbed monster down!Cast iron tea pot and crate plantersIn preparation for the new shed, I have been pinning my socks off on a new Garden Retreat board filled with all sorts of ideas and plans. Above and below are a few of the images that have inspired the interior. I plan to be drinking a lot of tea, reading and relaxing down there on completion. We will build raised flower beds for herbs and flowers. Images here Left – Nomadic Habitat and Right – Boligliv.Crystals, incense and mixed vintage floral cushionsCrystal, incense and all the floral cushions I can make. Left – Free People, Right – Sally Coulthard.Rustic furniture and plants trailing down I will gather sheepskins and unused furniture from around the house and attic – this is a style on a shoestring affair – I have to decorate the interior on a budget of £250.00. So scouring the local boot fairs will be a top priority – etsy, ebay and a little bit of skip raiding will ensue too I’m sure – with the okay of skip owners of course.Branch chandelier and boho textiles Gypsy folk style, a twig chandelier, and a reclaimed wood wall are high on my DIY wish list. Left via A Fanciful Twist, right via Elizabeth Anne Designs and below left – Emily Henson and right – SasufiReclaimed wood wall and retro furnishings Old shed and garden makeover Demolition complete in early February, we had to conduct a little in-house tree surgery on a crazy birch and lay a rough bark path to soak up inches of rain water before the lovely installation team arrived – to spare them any broken ankles.Building a summerhouseSlipping around in our marsh of a garden is strictly reserved for us homeowners only! If you have seen that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie visits Aiden cabin and ends up in the mud – that’s pretty much what our garden is like from October to May!Waltons Summerhouse challengeAfter half a sunny day our new summer house was up in all its orange glory and ready to paint. It was very nice indeed to have Waltons professional build team come in and put everything together for us. A service I would highly recommend for the time pushed, DIY haters or anyone living on a breezy clifftop like us! Don’t fear, the protective green window film (great for my unsteady hands) will be peeled off once the painting has been completed.Waltons Summerhouse challengeSo now all we need to do now is paint inside and out, make the surrounding area look acceptable for human eyes and make indoors look all pretty and ready for feet up book reading tea drinking time, phew! I hope you’ll come see my progress in my next post on Friday – it already looks so different! xxxBuilding a Waltons Summerhouse

  • katyatapartmentapothecary

    Can not WAIT to see the finished result! Xx

  • Julia’s Bookbag

    WHAT???!! Ok my mind is really muddled today and I can’t find my glasses – so did you have your existing shed torn down and that new structure built in it’s place? I WANT TO DO THIS. We have a nasty old plastic shed that’s just horrible. I would love to have a tea shed more than anything!!!!! And yes our garden/grass/yard is just the same – a boggy mess from October thru May.

    • YES! It was real fun to smash the old one down – but we have saved some of the wood for a photo backdrop, so all was not wasted – cannot wait to share some more pictures! :)

  • I love this post! My mum has a ‘summer house’ in her garden, with pink floral Designers Guild wallpaper, chock full of colourful, quirky antiques, and vintage quilts and cushions. It’s not one for the faint heated, but you can be so much freer with the decor with a project like this. Can’t wait to see the results! xx

    • Oh my Hollie! I NEED to see a picture! Also – are you getting those ladders in again? I have lots of people asking after them still! ;)

      • Oh my goodness, Jeska… I’m so sorry, I completely missed this! Unfortunately the ladders have been discontinued with our supplier, so we can’t get any more :(. However, I can show you a pic of the summerhouse! there’s a blog on it here: x

        • No worries! It’s AMAZING!! I love it! :)