• http://ohgoshem.blogspot.com/ em

    thank you. this is beautiful. x

  • http://www.spoonfulzine.com theaxx

    oooh i love the wrapping~!


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  • http://www.sarahhardaker.co.uk sarah

    hello jeska
    lovely link, i really enjoyed looking through all the pages with a nice cup of tea.
    how did you save the pages that appear on your blog? there is a room i would like to add to a mood board and i couldn’t save the image.
    hope all well wit you . sarah xx

  • http://soulaperture.blogspot.com Christina

    i have loved your blog for such a long time. i am so honored to be here, within the pages of “gatherings magazine”.
    hope you don’t mind if i stay a while, and catch up reading, while i have my morning tea. ; )