Are you all ready? Any presents left to buy? Things to make? I just need to finish my last batch of ginger and rum candies, get the dinner shop done and then hope I haven’t forgotten anything! Why not take five minutes to yourself, have a cup of tea and have a look at some of my favourite festive images from the new Flickr group I’ve joined. (Thank you and merry Christmas Emma x)

Image credits, top Danielle Thompson, middle A creative mint and Wood and wool stool, and bottom Clarabella Craft

  • Hannah

    Oh I have lots of wrapping to do but that’s my favourite part! hope you have a lovely Christmas.

  • emma lamb

    Aw, thank you so much sweet Jeska… :)
    I am so thrilled with how many lovely folks have joined this wee group already and of course all the gorgeous submissions so far. It is looking so beautiful already and I can’t wait until the New Year to launch it properly, exciting! Of course I am so thrilled you have joined too, thank you so much for your support… :)
    A very Merry Christmas to you too my dear blogging buddy!
    Emma, x

  • Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    I love that massive bow!! Oh so fabulous! x

  • Jeska

    Have fun finishing off all your festive errands everyone, Merry Christmas xxx

  • http://none karleigh

    I have those same to stiched art peices in my house. Found em at a thrift store of course. Did u know that it is hanging up in the moms house in one of the scenes in almost famous. The large brown one that says TALK. They must have been very popular lol